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Tyler Dale

ideas for more game modes

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so most people are not using all the hero's they just stick to one or two... so i was thinking how about a game mode added to random arena called random hero's... when you die in this game mode you swap to a random hero (you have unlocked) spells could also be randomized to make it more interesting... with a mode like this it can help to get people to play other hero's or at-least learn how to play with and against them

another mode could be elimination... each player gets 3 lives when they kill someone they steal 1 life... every 30 sec(could be a longer time) the player with the least amount of lives gets eliminated... eliminations will continue until one person remains

last one i will call it defend (idea from battle royal) you have a limited amount of time to collect  towers, walls, traps to build a defense for the wave of monsters(or other players) that will attack when yr time runs out... to win survive the wave without dying


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