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Ilyenko Pavel

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We have prepared many improvements and fixes for you:
1. UnnyWorld celebrates Christmas and new Year. Bang-bang Party and Battle Royale are decorated for the holidays. Two decorative buildings were added in the shop.

2. Improvements:
- Windows for upgrade and information of buildings were improved.
- Lamia can't attack though objects anymore.
- Lamia doesn't restore HP from buildings anymore.
- Now you can earn gems for instant promotions in Leagues from Chests.
- Gaya no longer attack buildings with her ability roots.
- You can't use enemy's trampoline in arena Turtle Season anymore.

3. Battle Royale
- Achievement for Battle Royale was added.
- Time for Plague to appear was increased.
- Landing Part was improved.
- Morth doesn't kick himself.
- Towers now attack other towers.
- The limit for spells were added.
- Improved the drop of items on the planet.
- Players now start with some charges of spells.

4. Performance improvements.
5. Bug fixes.

Team Unnyhog wishes you the best for the New Year!



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I'm wishing a healthy and happy new year to you and your family.

Thank you for updates. 


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