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Rethinking Planet defense/ Mine Production

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So after the nerf on the icetowers, my base which i havent changed since the update gets beaten nearly on every invade. 

That alone isn t really a problem, but after being inactive for a couple of days and then logging in I have realized that my mines which are all on lvl 6 nearly don t produce enough aquium to cover the prices of traprepair after being invaded many times.

I think that this is a problem, in the current state of the game you have to grind aquium to really be able to upgrade your base, the mine production is not enough to do anything except repairing traps. 

With the changes to planet defense with the teleport ability, building a strong defense base becomes quite difficult.

Long story short, I think that boosting the mine aquium production and/or adding 1 more mine would be important, while lowering the prices on trap repairs.

Another thing that this would do is, coming back to the game after a couple of days would be more enjoyable instead of having just over a thousand aquium after repairing the traps...

Thank you for consideration 


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