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Tyler Dale

new defence towers

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we mainly have attack based tower i wanted more stalling based since there is a time limit....i was thinking of some tower ideas this what i got so far...


1.wind tower - this creates a tornado that spins yr character pushing you back slightly and causing confusion basically like lamia's scream (no/low damage loose control of character)

   lightning/rain tower - basically akia's cloud but it moves... acid rain or lightning strikes

2.terrain affecting tower - this does effects like ice road and arrow rain were it affects a section of the terrain (to delay yr advance)

3.minion buff tower - all minions that pass by it receive buffs that could be time based or area based. effects could be increase health/defence/attack/speed

4.character debuff tower - basically casts debuffs within an area or a global effect till its destroyed. effects could be increase cool downs, decrease defence/attack

some of these could even be changed into minion abilities... one of the minions could be slightly bigger and have a group effect.........


also i feel the town hall needs a purpose... like e.g every 30 secs it sends out its drones to fix damaged buildings

wel these are my ideas

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Most of these ideas are things I have already previously discussed, see: 

The problem with adding more towers is that there is only so much room on the planet and I'd like to leave room for more aesthetic structures like statues, etc. So some of these things would be better regulated as "powers" given by the Town Hall. There is also the possibility of adding things like lakes and ponds in the future as well which will also take up space on the planet so rather than adding more unnecessary buildings and structures, I think it would be better to simply polish the already existing stuff. One example of this is giving players the choice of what kind of effect they want to attribute to a turret. For instance the Ice Tower might have a few different options where you can either increase it's stun effect, increase it's slow effect or increase it's overall dps. This will help with variety while allowing players to diversify their defenses without adding additional structures. 


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