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RTS Discussion

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Here we will be continuing our discussion on adding more RTS (real time strategy) elements to the game as can be seen on the latest podcast which can be found here: 

Note: This podcast was prerecorded because of recent schedule conflicts. I recorded this a few days ago and merely started the stream and allowed this video to play so this was not live and therefor I did not/could not read the live comments on Twitch. So I apologize to anyone participating in the chat. 

So I have mentioned a lot of different topics in this podcast and I want to gather some feedback on which features you guys would want to see implemented. Please let me know which features you would like to see prioritized over the others. Here's a quick summary of most of the points I have made in the video:

1) Planet Vs Planet Invasion:
New Game Mode that connects players for planet vs planet battles.
Serves as a Framework for Guild Vs Guild planet battles in the future. (Guild Wars)
The exact mechanics for how this would work still needs to be worked out.

2) Combat Units:
Basic Melee Minion cost 1 Capacity.
Ranged Minion cost 2 Capacity.
New Flying Minion Added cost 3 Capacity.
(Flying units ignore traps and grounded turrets, can only be hit by players, gate turrets and turrets that are placed on elevated platforms.)
New Heavy Tank Minion Added cost 4 Capacity.
(Heavy units have much more Hp and do much more damage than Basic Melee units but are much slower.)

3) Building Changes:
Different units will be stored in different buildings, Melee units in House and Flying units in Ships for example.
Barracks replaced by Air Alter and Barracks repurposed as either a building for storing units on your home world or used to store units on your guild planet.
Magic Core can now be upgraded.
Magic Mines now depend on the Magic Core for upgrades and not the Town Hall. (Like Elemental Alters and Ondu.)
Maximum Aqvium capacity now tied to Magic Core instead of Town Hall.
Maximum Aqvium capacity in Town Hall interface now replaced with ability to upgrade walls or defensive spells.
Maybe add a "Pet Center" in the future where you can purchase pets that can roam around freely on your planet.
Add "Arrow Tower" that can be placed on elevated platforms. Arrow tower is an anti-air unit turret, it targets air units first.
It has the fastest attack speed of any other turret but lowest damage per shot.
Add "Warehouse" building which acts as an inventory interface for accessing your scrolls and equipment from future dungeons.
Add "Market" building where you can sell/trade scrolls and equipment to either other players or directly to the vendor.
Add more cosmetic buildings for decoration like statues, etc. Some of these will require gems to buy.

4) Defense Spells:
Upgrading Town Hall now unlocks Defensive Spells.
Defensive Spells can be used in Planet vs Planet game modes.
Town Hall Level 1 unlocks Spell: Hail of Fire [Effect:] Does Aoe damage to a selected area.
Town Hall Level 2 unlocks Spell: Healing Wind [Effect:] Aoe heals all friendly units and buildings in a selected area.
Town Hall Level 3 unlocks Spell: Earthquake [Effect:] Slows all grounded enemy units and player.
Town Hall Level 4 unlocks Spell: Solar Flare [Effect:] Aoe shields all friendly units and buildings in a selected area.
Town Hall Level 5 unlocks Spell: Thunder Storm [Effect:] Buffs all allied units.
Town Hall Level 6 unlocks Spell: Meteor Shower [Effect:] Does large amount of Aoe damage to a selected area.
Maybe Defensive Spells can be upgraded to increase effect duration and cool downs.

5) In depth demonstration of Guild Banners at 52:00.


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Finally updated! Sorry it took me a week to update this with a list of topics but I have been very busy. So go ahead and check out some of my suggestions and let me know what you think! I'm looking forward to reading everyone's feedback! 


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