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PvD матчи за 28 октября

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Участники PvD матчей 28/10/2017

Северна Америка ⏰

Ghost Slayer, Serenity, STRICUSH YT, _RiiKeZ_, chico, AlexGAMER, White101, Ben4639, tach99, anbu_op, 

Южная Америка

hypno, kle, sentry, prettybear, poketop, biguazera Rx, carlos44896, Bey Uzumaky, Lucas, GameOver, Morte, Katekko, Lucifer, Snow Foxx


Alexandru, kiranshi, SpashWear, redpill, Fire france, kJIOyH, LegendaryMops, KMyedidort, psycroptic, VERTEX, Cantabron,1212, ShadowVN, Bosszucca, McKeNaN, GromoPetr, Fr3Ak ,Pampi_Svk, Happy, CloudSenpai, Agressor, NANIII, Firefox


Eggy, ANNIE, MajorBonkers, misiya33, Masque, KAKA SAN, Penguin, Sora_Hikaru





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