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More motivation to interative with others players and a healthy community in-game.


Hello my developers friends and community UnnyWorld! I'm here to say what I have in mind to keep us playing and helping everyone as Win-win way, I hope.



1.1 - Well, first of all what about to let our chat more excited with anti-flood and expression system?

For example, I could type "=D" to express on the chat as " :D ", also, showing this or just a simple text, takes around 10 seconds to send another message, avoiding SPAM player or bot to screw up the window, if possible.

1.2 - To increase the delay/time to send emoticons in-game too.

1.3 - How about a system to scroll the bar chat manually? This, because some player can be late and make a choice to read the history, but the automatically scroll gives some difficulty, case someone else write on chat. Maybe, an option to scroll with finger/mouse or automatically as default.


*Merchant Coins*

2.1 - For a future shopping and more group players, could have an unique option to buy some basic skin, using unnycoins. This way, could make more players to be kind and to manage party and worthing each coing as well. (Example: A first and basic skin, can be bought with 2k gems to 5~6k unnycoins)

2.2 - To use in the chat and/or in-game match, more options to express to your mates and enemies, creating a Loadout-like to use others emoticons, being adquired by unnycoins or gems as "2.1" form as "GG Planet" or "Give Up", showing a polution cloud planet emoticon.


*Calling by Alerts*

3 - When all players are ready or when a match is found, makes a sound effect to advise the player, while is chatting or with the minimized game.


*Be a good unnyplayer*

4 - To be an easier way to communicate and help players and developers, an extra option "Help" window chat to any player to acess with intend to send a critical or common bug. Case the such report be helpful, players can be rewarded with Unnycoins for participating of the 'helping community system'.


*Let me hear you*

5 - I thought about more options to set the volume in-game with sound effect and music, not as "Turn on" and "Turn off" anymore, but these options more to: 100%, 50%, 25% or off volume.

In PC version, users have to set it up, using Windows volume, also to mobile users, I believe.


- That's all! Thank you guys for reading and doing a great work! ^-^


Examples pictures below:


glitch helper.png


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1.1) Good idea for adding emojis to the game chat.

1.2) I agree with having a delay between sending messages but player moderators+ should be exempt from this.

1.3) Yes, this is something that I have suggested before as well along with an Admin Box or MOTD box at the top of the chat screen. Example:


2.1) I think the idea here is limit how much players can buy from just playing the game that way certain things will require gems to unlock thus encouraging the player to invest in the game. I'm not opposed to a few skins being purchasable with unny coins but not all of them.

2.2) Good idea, only thing to add is that new emojis should have to option to be bought with both unny coins and gems.

3.) I really like this idea, definitely helps out streamers.

4.) The first game I ever worked on had a similar feature. Don't know how easy it will be to implement it here but there should be a way to submit bug reports from the game itself or at the very least a link to the forums should be visible somewhere in the game.

5.) Very good idea, I keep the game muted most of the time because its too loud but if I could change the settings I wouldn't have to do that anymore.

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions Pompeu_Athalwolf!



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