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Badge Overhaul Super Suggestion (B.O.S.S Update)

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This update includes:

Increased color options for badges.

Some color options may have to be store bought to be unlocked.

Increased the default amount of "starter" badges.

Increased the amount of store bought badges.

Increased the amount of achievement badges.

Adds event badges for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day.

Unique badges earned from supporting the game via Steam Store or Patreon will temporarily be placed in either the store bought category or event badge category until more are added in the future at which point they will get their own row below the event badge category. 

Increased total amount of badges to 70.


Be the first of your friends to collect them all!

You can follow my progress on the new badges and suggest some of your own here:



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Okay, so it turns out that we are going to actually need 3 rows for achievement badges. I am slowly in the process of changing the names of the already existing badges to make them more space themed while also adding new badges to try to even out the achievements to get an exact number of 30. This is what I've got so far:

1) Terrestrial Treasurer: Mine "X" Aqvium. (Formally: King Solomon's Mines.)
2) Planetary Privateer: Win in Planet Attack "X" times. (Formally: Planet Express.)
3) Milky Way Mercenary: Kill "X" Heroes. (Formally: Professional.)
4) Worldly Warrior: Reach Bronze League. [New Achievement.]
5) Lunar Legionary: Reach Silver League. [New Achievement.]
6) Solar System Sentry: Reach Gold League. (Formally Goldenboy.) 
7) Galactic Gladiator: Reach Platinum League. [New Achievement.]
8) Unnyversal Overlord: Reach Champion League. [New Achievement.]
9) Quantum Contender: Win in the Arena "X" times. (Formally: Space Kung-Fu.)
10) Constellation Conqueror: Win in the Rocket Depot "X" times. (Formally: Countless Victories.)
11) Big-Bang Barbarian: Win in the Big-Bang Party "X" times. (Formally: Aim to Win.)
12) Martian Marathoner: Win in the Turtle Season "X" times. (Formally: Quick Feet.)
13) Shapeshifter: Change your name with Gems. (Formally: Mr. X.)
14) Millennium Merchant: Buy a chest. (Formally: UnnyHelper.)
15) Stellar Celebrity: Unlock "X" heroes. (Formally: Am I Famous?) 
16) Intergalactic Emperor: Build Town Hall level 6. [New Achievement.]
17) Astral Ambassador: Build House level 6. [New Achievement.]
18) Celestial Citizen: Build Magic Mine level 6. (Formally: Hardworker.)
19) Cosmic Commander: Build Ship level 6. (Formally: Galactic Commandor.)
20) Interstellar Emissary: Build Ondu level 6. (Formally: Housework.)
21) Orbital Administrator: Build Arena Portal level 3. (Formally: Battle Lover.)
22) Dimensional Dignitary: Build Gates level 3. (Formally: Strong Defense.)
23) Space Cadet: Protect your Planet from Evee. (Formally: I'll be back.) 
24) Scientific Discovery: Activate a promo code. (Formally: I know a secret.)
25) Time Traveler: Play for a total of "X" hours. [New Achievement.]
26) Rising Star: Add a total of "X" friends. [New Achievement.]
27) Twilight Tango: Perform dance emote. [New Achievement.] 
28) Creepy Cosmonaut: Log in on Halloween. [New Achievement.]
29) Solstice Celebrator: Log in on Christmas. [New Achievement.]
30) Romantic Rocketeer: Log in on Valentine's Day. [New Achievement.]

Change Log:

Added a few new achievements and changed the names of almost all of the original achievements.


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All 30 achievements completed and ready for review. Keep in mind we can always add more in the future, it would just require adding another row in the badges page.


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This will be really cool! :D


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