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1) New Hero. Duar - The Strongest Warrior.

2) Changes in Balance:
a) Yoji’s Phoenix decrease incoming damage by 70% instead of giving full immune
b) Akia's Water Sphere duration decrease 4>3 sec
c) Yoji’s spells remove poison from Morth.
d) Fire Ball gets destroyed by Isna spells : Frost Ball, Volley Of Ice, Ice Storm
e) Fire Wall, Fire Wave gets destroyed by spells : Cloud, Ice Storm
f) Fire Wave, Fire Wall, Pillar of Fire, Fire Beam destroy Isna’s spells : Ice Road, Ice Wall
g) Pillar of Fire, Fire Beam destroy : Water Ball and Frost Ball

3) Auto-Transfer feature will let you change your region. This procedure takes some time and it’s free only 2 first times.
4) New region : Singapore
5) New localization : German
6) Updated Help and Support window.
7) Bug fixes



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That's amazing...


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