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Players vs Devs on 9th August 2pm (Chile time) NA results

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Thanks everybody for participation in PvD yesterday on the North American server 1f601.png😁

We hope you had some fun, but in case you missed the event, here is the recorded Twitch stream ->

And this is the list of participants of NA server:
1f389.png🎉Darkpassenger, ACM1PT, Hyrlez, Elphants, Seus, Activist, Fabiote, Minion_II, Tacos, Jns, Melissa, Derp 1f389.png🎉

Those guys got a great reward for playing with us, so why not participate next Saturday 1f609.png;)? The event will be announced accordingly 1f388.png🎈1f388.png🎈1f388.png🎈

Also, don’t forget to contribute by voting for adjusted times for PvD matches for each server 23f0.png1f60f.png😏
North America voting ->
South America voting ->
West Europe voting ->

And, as it was promised on Twitch stream, here is the invitation link to our Discord channel 1f919.png🤙
Please join the conversation ->


P.S. West Europe stream along with the list of participants will be coming later today 1f61b.png😛


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