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New Upcomming hero - Duar

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Hello, Friends.

We are working on a hero hero right now. His name is Duar.


Duar is the strongest race in UnnyWorld. Their great stamina let them survive despite of dangerous wounds. Being masters of physical combat, they are not using magic at all. Duar believe that spells are only for cowards.


While we are working on this character we would love you to come up with ideas for his abilities. If we like them, we'll definitely include them in the build and say thanks to each of you ;)


Any pictures, videos or other references are appreciated.


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Here's some Duar ability ideas for each move.

Tap (Basic Attack):

- Spear jab (Similar range to Mort, but doesnt have to jump when attacking)

Straight Swipe (Ranged Attack / Movement):

- Shield bash (Plows forward with his shield, pushing away enemies)

- Enemy Burrow (Slams enemies into the ground)

- Club Smash (A focused attack that smashes the ground in front of the character, dealing less damage over distance)

^ Up Caret (Defense Ability):

- Berserk (Increases health and physical attack resistance)

- Shield Barricade (Duar puts down his shield and creates a barrier like Isna's wall)

- Shield Block (Duar raises his shield and defends from incoming damage, possibly from one direction only)

Down Caret (AOE Move):

- Ground Smash (Duar jumps into the air and crashes back down, damaging nearby players)

Double Tap (Ultimate Ability):

- Berserk (attacks for 10 seconds will toss enemies, additional health)



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It would be a good one by type, ALT plus some type attack, ALT right button, makes it gain speed until it reaches an enemy, and when it arrives it causes STUN

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Ну он же гладиатор, судя по картинке)

Базовая атака. Каждый 3й удар вампиризм, 30-50 хп, ну или критический урон допустим х2.

1й скилл.

Бросает щит нанося урон в области. Ну или точечный удар. Желательно с замедлением.

2й скилл.

Прыгает в указанное место. Нанося или не нанося урон. 

3й скилл.

Увеличивает свою скорость боя(атаку) на 50% получая при этом на 25% больше урона. Бьёт щитом нанося стан, замедление.


А ничего не могу придумать суда, какой может быть ульт с копьём или щитом?)))

Бросает копьё нанося большой урон в области(или точечный удар), лишаясь на опр-ное время возможности атаковать, с увеличенной скоростью бега.







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Duor- joga a lança nós adversários, e causa Sangramento. 

Duor - joga o escudo tipo capitão América, tirando um bom dano. 

Duor- faz uma sequencia de golpes com a lança e finaliza com uma escudada. 


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Some spells are similar to what Nicho suggested, so I noted those.


Basic spell (left click): 

- Spear jab (from Nicho - except I would make it slightly longer range than Morth since a spear has further reach)

Passive buff:
- Maim
Duar knows exactly where to strike his foes. Each attack slows enemies by 20% and reduces any healing by 50%.


Secondary spell (straight line)

-Shield bash (line AoE; from Nicho)
Duar plows forward with his shield, damaging and stunning all enemies in his path for 0.5s.

-Flurry (channeling, cone AoE in front of Duar, in direction of drawn line)
Duar rapidly strikes with his spear in front him, dealing physical damage over 2.5s.
Animation: Basic attack animation but executed at hyper speed, maybe with the speed striking in a different orientation each time and some dust appears around over the AoE.

-Leap (in direction of drawn line)
Duar leaps a great distance forward in a selection direction.
Note: This is taken from Morth, but I think Morth's Tumble should be changed to a low cooldown, short distance evade time spell while Duar's could be a longer-distance, long cooldown spell.


Defenseive spell (up caret)

-Warcry (active AoE buff around Duar)
Duar inspires his allies in a small area around him, granting him and his allies +30% movement speed for 4s.

-Taunt (active AoE debuff around Duar, active buff on Duar)
After a 1s cast time, Duar taunts his enemies in a small area around him, gaining +30% armor forcing all enemies to attack him for 2.5s.
Note: Enemies are effectively stunned and can not cast any spells besides basic attacks. If Duar leaves the attack range of an enemy while Taunt is still in effect, the enemy will walk towards him until they can cast a basic attack. If Duar can not be found or targeted, then enemies will just stand in place for the duration unable to do anything.


Offensive spell (down caret)

-Shield throw
Duar throws his shield at his enemies which jumps between enemies up to 3 times dealing damage and stunning for 1.5s each time before returning to Duar.
Mechanic: This spell would function just like Akia's Healing Wave.
Animation: Either the shield could actually leave or it sends out a dummy shield, but either way it would not impact his ability to use other shield-based spells. 

-Impact crater (from Nicho)
Duar jumps into the air from his current location. After 2s, Duar slams back down on at the same location dealing massive damage in a small area.

-Bloodlust (active buff)
Duar gains +10% armor penetration and +10% attack speed for each 5% of HP missing for 7s.
Animation = red aura around Duar and he his model grows 5% larger for each 5% of HP missing (character model is twice as big if Duar is at 1HP).
Note: I'm assuming if you have more armor penetration than your enemy has armor, then you effectively deal bonus damage. If this is not the case, then this spell should just give +10% damage to his basic attack.


Ultimate (right click)

-Final stand (active buff)
Duar becomes unkillable (can not drop below 1 HP) for 5s.


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1 hour ago, Atailson Vida said:

Duar- joga a lança nós adversários, e causa Sangramento. 

Duar - joga o escudo tipo capitão América, tirando um bom dano. 

Duar- faz uma sequencia de golpes com a lança e finaliza com uma escudada. 



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Poderia variar os ataques, por exemplo:


Ele ataca normalmente, só que os seus ataques variam, 3 atacas com a lança (30 de dano), depois disso ele usa seu escudo não para atacar e sim proteger, o seu escudo vai para a sua frente (encravando no chão) o escudo fica lá protegendo ele normalmente, então ele só fica com a lança então ativa o RAGNAROK. Tempo de ataque 0,7 segundos


Causa dano direto jogando sua lança no personagem (80 de dano), a lança fica lá ate ele pegar, mas se não pegar durante 3 segundo ela volta automaticamente, mas por enquanto ele fica se protegendo com o escudo. Tempo de recarga: 5 segundos


Ele dá um salto em um local definido assim causando dano em área e causando lentidão e ativando sua passiva RAGNAROK, porém esse pulo lhe causa dano perdendo 40 de vida. Tempo de recarga: 10 segundos (SEM DANO, SOMENTE CONTROLE DE GRUPO)


Ele faz um grito em um certa direção fazendo com que os inimigos fiquem com medo e recuem, (Bom para dominar) fazendo também com que seus inimigos percam 10% de Resistência, 7% de Armadura, 10% de Dano e 70% de lentidão, e no seu aliado somente ajuda em motivação, dando aumento de velocidade em 30% para todos nessa área. Tempo de recarga: 30 segundos


Quando usa o poder máximo ele começa a correr muito rápido com o escudo na sua frente, ele corre durante 10 segundo, quando ele bate seu escudo em um inimigo atordoa durante 1,5 segundos e causando 150 de dano, e ativando o RAGNAROK. Tempo de recarga: 50 segundos

RAGNAROK - (Passiva)

Ao ativar o RAGNAROK ele fica muito furioso assim aumentando seu dano ao dobro, regeneração de 20 de vida a cada 3 segundos durante 12 segundos. O tempo de recarga para o RAGNAROK voltar é de 30 segundos.



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i see a shield and a spear so i think it will be cool if there is a skill that changes mode between attack stance (more dmg more speed / less deff and resistance) and defence stance (less dmg and speed / more deff and resistance) :)



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