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Pavel Ignatov

PvD : Match 2

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Hi, everyone.

Thank you for this GREAT day and good participation. Here are the codes for players, who played with us yesterday:

European server players:

  1. exsi - play29we1
  2. Deniska - play29we2
  3. MerueN - play29we3
  4. Ziek - play29we4
  5. Greenlee - play29we5
  6. J3oDyA - play29we6
  7. Suvikek - play29we7
  8. redboy - play29we8

North American server players:

  1. malrboro - play29we1
  2. EoBielCrl - play29we2
  3. DiegoSlayer - play29we3
  4. teilen - play29we4
  5. kiritoGamer - play29we5
  6. MegaDragon300 - play29we6
  7. Shibaku - play29we7
  8. AlexGAMES - play29we8
  9. Debax - play29we9
  10. RifuL - play29we10

If someone has no clue what I'm talking about, you can read it here

Thank again, and see you next week. Be prepared :P



I wanted to ask all players for a favor. If you didn't write a review to our game on Steam yet, please do so. We need to increase the amount of positive reviews, and also we really want to know your opinion, so please mention in review what you like, what you don't like and any of your suggestions.


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