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Pavel Ignatov

PvD : Players vs. Developers. Match 1

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Hi, everyone.

Thank you for this FANTASTIC day and good participation. Here are the codes for players, who played with us today:


  1. MerueN – play23we1
  2. nicho – play23we2
  3. Roman – play23we3
  4. Destroyer – play23we4

North America:

  1. kiritoGamer – play23we1
  2. Shibaku – play23we2
  3. jairo – play23we3
  4. Athalwolf – play23we4
  5. JIN SOUZA – play23we5
  6. veravARA – play23we6
  7. GALLONTRICK – play23we7
  8. Wuaksuo – play23we8
  9. Adrian elias – play23we9

If someone has no clue what I'm talking about, you can read it here

Thank again, and see you next week. Be prepared :P


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