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Sunday match against developers

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Folks, today (Sunday) we’re holding a series of warmup matches: players vs developers. 1f3ae.png🎮1f579.png🕹️1f3b2.png🎲

For the European server this starts at 4pm UTC 23f0.png

For the American server this starts at 6pm UTC 23f0.png

In order to participate just be on time, playing UnnyWorld and wait for the invitation in the Global chat from unnyworld guild.

If you haven’t started playing UnnyWorld, but still wanna try,
here you find all possible links to start playing it 


Hope to see you Today in the Arena 1f609.png;) 1f396.png🎖️1f3c6.png🏆1f3c5.png🏅1f947.png🥇1f948.png🥈1f949.png🥉


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