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I currently play on both my tablets. Now, both are not that awfully old & still have good operating systems & memory on them to play games etc. The 1st tablet that I prefer most to pkay on is my Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2017) model SM-T380 & my 2nd tablet is a Samsung Galaxy S2 model SM-T713.  These 2 tablets, I feel should be optimized for the game because they are not to overly old systems (not just because I play on them).  There are going to be a lot of potential players out there who may download the game on a slightly older device who do not jump every year to buy the latest tech out there. These players should be able to look forward to new games that work well & are optimized on their device as well.  In the following image you will see my 3 devices I play games on & the Google Play store page of the game.  I've written on each screenshot to help point out which device I took it on. As you can see, the only device it looks like it is optimized on is my phone (Samsung S9) which is a newer device & I have not downloaded it on.  My suggestion is to broaden the devices that are optimized to play on for release of game. Just one lonely little budget girls opinion.

Until next time... Stay on Budget & Keep on Gaming!



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