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Last UnnyWorld stream

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Dear players, today, Friday at 4PM UTC time, we’re having the last UnnyWorld stream on Twitch.

We will play 30 min on each server and for the last time will dive into a magic atmosphere of our fantasy universe, fighting in arenas. 
Join us in the game to play and ask questions. 
We will be glad to see all of you. 

UnnyWorld servers will be shut down Saturday at 9AM UTC time.

#game #community #goodbye #stay #farewell

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omg this is so heartbreaking :( id guess that sketch is an early unnyworld concept, the idea of the pre-arena screen where players select their hero and get ready to fight. This is the perfect example of "a picture worth a thousand words" i can imagine a story over a 1000 words just with that sketch after spending 3 months playing the game and reading and watching many places with all the magic created by this amazing guys.

But don't worry, Yoji, Neri, Isna, Akia, Forga, Lane, Morth, Duar, Gaya and Lamia are preparing to take the ship and head for the next adventure, hopefully they'll return someday to prove themselves against each other once again in the battle arenas. See you tomorrow at twitch and soon at Hero Masters, GL !!!




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