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Bug Reveal

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Pressing the reveal button on any hero will show that there is no feature because the game does not have a boss available for the collection of this feature but this is correct but the bug happens after the option buttons disappear along with the auto cast options and the reward screen gets a little dark. o.O and the old bug reappears.:/

reveal antes 2.jpg


depois do reveal 2.jpg

depois do reveal 3.jpg


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Notes: that this bug occurs in other situations such as when you reach the limit of characters and when you do not have the invocation parchment both white and green and in cases of invocation with the use of gems if you choose the option yes it will happen the same but if you choose the option will not follow the game normally.

1)character limit

acima do numero.jpg

acima do numero 2.jpg

acima do numero 3.jpg

acima do numero 4.jpg


2)green parchment

sem pergaminho.jpg

sem pergaminho 2.jpg

sem pergaminho 3.jpg

sem pergaminho 4.jpg


3)white parchment

sem pergaminho branco 1.jpg

sem pergaminho branco 2.jpg

sem pergaminho branco 3.jpg

sem pergaminho branco 4.jpg

4)Extra Bug Casus9_9

this bug has nothing to do with the above bugs, but it's an easter egg hidden among some above if you haven't guessed look at the picture below.

casus bug.jpg

I hope I have helped in relation to this if you have seen all this image if you have something to say about ,speak below i see you nextB|

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many details


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All those bugs are very similar and were fixed for the next update. Thank you :)


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