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Pavel Ignatov
By Pavel Ignatov in Feedback,
Hello there.
Thank you everybody for the participation in the game testing. I decided to keep you posted about the the development, and this is what we are going to implement before the release. 1) Dungeons and bosses. We'll balance them, add HP bars and add new loot, which can be used to Reveal heroes. 2) Revealing This feature increases the power of a hero. It costs some resources, which can be earned from Dungeons. 3) Runes Runes can be found in a story mode and can be used to improve any characteristics of a hero. Each hero can have up to 6 runes equipped. 4) Drop As a drop from any story/dungeon you can get: a) scroll b) rune c) hero d) resources 5) Russian Localization У-Р-А!!! 6) Add 4 and 5 start monsters.
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