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First let me start with an apology to developers, they send me the beta 8 days ago but i had a very busy week so i couldn't give enough time for testing the beta with enough and fair detail, i will keep editing this topic that's for sure, adding and changing impressions about my progress and everything related with UJ beta 0.1 (thats right? 0.1? :P )

Ok let's start... oh btw its messy, im gonna edit this later and give some better structure, order because like this right now is just random ideas, plus a copy/paste from microsoft word document -_-

Despite what’s the developers intention, the game clearly has RPG mechanics and play style, anyone unaware of unnyworld or unlimited journey but familiar with any rpg, jrpg, mmorpg will immediately see the resemblance. It has the classic JRPG combat system “by turns”.

-Characters level up and get stronger as they fight with enemies and bosses, the same as any rpg.

-When a boss is defeated there’s a reward, purple crystal and/or green gems and/or red gems, sometimes scrolls, also the characters get experience XP.

-Each planet is a stage, the last step to clear such stage is defeating a boss.

-You get bonus, rewards, boosters, useful items

-Is nice the way how camera changes when we use a skill or when enemy team does it, I like that “dramatic” effect with camera changing the view/angle it makes more special and relevant the hero skills.

-Music should change when reaching a boss to something dramatic or epic and that happens with the beta, its good developers didn't miss this very important detail, overall the music is nice I love the unnyworld main theme and many of the unnyworld music is present here

As I said, the rpg mechanics are there but not so well the “by turn” mechanics while fighting, The action happens so fast and its automatic, I don’t know if the automated combat is intended or just a beta phase but it feels weird not having control over who you are attacking or who you want to attack, let’s say, I wanna kill enemy healer fast but that’s not possible because everything is automatic and targeting is not available. Players will just watch the fight and hit the gesture symbols soon as they appear and nothing else, that could be a little bit boring after some time due lack of more interaction and freedom while fighting. It would be nice if players could get control over the fight aiming to whoever they want and focusing in one enemy at the time. AoE skills like yoji phoenix are meant to hit everything that’s ok, but let's imagine a special skill that hits 1 enemy only, it would be frustrating that you won't be able to choose the weaker enemy or the one with less armor/hp. Also having all the skills available at the same time and drawing the gestures fast for each character makes the whole group cast the skill so fast that you cant see the animations for all, eg: If I have all my gestures available and I draw em very fast, Morth animation will take priority over yoji phoenix or lamia scream, you won't see the animation for those skills because Morth is spinning and the camera is focused on him, anyway this only happens when I activate more than one skill.

All this from the “classic RPG by turn” mechanics point of view is for a reason, of course it doesn’t have to be necessary like that, that’s up to developers, I’m just pointing out the very similar aspects between unlimited journey and the RPG genre.

-Also the beta reminds me of those “on-rails” games where you just advance forward through the environment, the level, the world etc, without control on the direction, in those games you can turn your camera around you, but the path is straight forward, the same thing happens with unlimited journey where the characters automatically move around the planet in almost a random path facing enemy groups till they reach the boss.

It would be nice have some sort of control over the movement around the planet, I don’t know if that’s possible but exploring the planet while facing random invisible enemy groups (something very usual in JRPG’s) and finding items, treasures, clues, crystals or anything like that would give a sense of precisely, exploration, adventure. Controlling your group in the planet like happens in Unnyworld when we go to our own planet to build and move around with one character.

In the fights, sometimes the environment, that being plants, rocks, trees, cover the enemy HP bar and you can’t see how much hp has left. It doesn’t happen always just sometimes.

The “play” and “pause” buttons confused me a lot, hitting one of those options makes the game go fully automated, the characters fight over and over again against endless enemy groups, Id guess that’s the IDLE mode, anyway you must hit again one of those options to get control again over the game, I don’t know what is the real purpose of having play and pause actions in Unlimited journey but I hope it’s just one beta option to easily test the game, if not then it could encourage some “lazy gamer” experience by just letting the game go full automode, even worse if you get crystals and valuable items in such automode because people would set it and go afk, returning hours later to enjoy the loot.

I couldn’t hide the left and right menus, I don’t know if there’s a key for hiding/showing such menus so I had to play having em both activated reducing the view from the actual game.

In the “My heroes” tab the hero preview could use some elaborated background instead the plain and simple gray background, maybe for yoji lets say, an fire related background, something orange.

Each hero has two active abilities, one is the basic attack I guess, the other is the gesture-skill attack which players must activate drawing the gesture. So far it looks very limited, adding more abilities should improve it but also adding the option to choose between all your abilities.

I don’t know if the final game will let you use ALL the abilities at the same time, it could be messy having all the gesture icons overlapping the HP bar above our heroes head, in the RPG genre many games will give you just few abilities in the beginning, then as you advance through the game and get experience you will learn new abilities, some can be found only by doing quests, specific and special tasks, some are hidden as reward for players who explored every corner of the game, anyway my point is that not all the abilities are available at the same time, lets say, you can only have 5 active abilities and your basic attack of course, but your hero has over 10 different abilities, so people will have to chose 5 out of 10, bottom line, the same as Unnyworld, that should be wonderful for Unlimited journey, looking at the game and screen, the way how camera works and heroes position, maybe just another active skill and that’s it, having to few feels very limited, having many at the same time like more than 4-5 would be exaggerated theres few space for placing the gesture icon.

-The unlimited journey configuration window that pops when you start the executable has limited options like just medium graphic quality and nothing more, no low settings or high, it would be great if low or high settings were added.

-You can choose between windowed or fullscreen, check the input settings that’s the control keys you are going to use in the game and finally the monitor/display screen in case you have more than one display device, so far so good, one thing i noticed is that you'll get different resolution options depending on whats your current screen resolution, i didnt get the same resolution options playing at 1920x1080 when i tried the game later at 1280x720.

- I couldn’t find an option to clear all my progress, I wanted to, start over again from the beginning and carefully read tutorials or the explanation of how use certain features like evolving the hero because every time I tried to evolve one hero the button/option did nothing, the same with “power” it didn’t work and there was no warning or explanation telling the player why this wasn’t available. The gear icon for settings/options didn’t work at all I clicked there many times and nothing happened.

-There are many things that aren’t necessary bad but not having an explanation or “tips” when you move the mouse cursor/finger over such option/feature/skill/icon makes the experience a little bit confusing and force you to “click click click..,” everything in hopes of making it work or achieving something, like a kid who doesn’t know how to interact with a complex robot toy so he smash everything, moves every piece sometimes in ways that won’t work or are not intended (damn this bring back memories of me figuring out how to play with my "beastwars" toys when i lost the manual).

edit: i saw pavel reply to Zurum topic, many things from what i said are answered there i will properly edit this topic soon, having a hangover and headache for drinking too much few hours ago :) 

btw check a video game called "ogre battle 64" it could give sum nice ideas, one of the best jrpgs i ever played.

Edited by chancho


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Hello, chanco.

Thank you for the detailed feedback.

1) Target selection

Semi-automatic battles were made on purpose. Your control happens during the creation of an army and finding a proper time for using super abilities. For example a healer always target a friend with the lowest %HP, a Water hero always tries to attack a Fire hero because of the increased damage, etc... My point is that knowing the behavior of each hero is teh key to victory.


However, we are still considering an option to give players an option to Focus all heroes on a target. It'll work the next way: you click on an enemy, and all attacks from your army are targeted to that enemy. As we are still thinking about that, we would really appreciate your feedback.


2) Control of the movement.

Planet mode is a small part of the game. The main gameplay will be stored in the Story mode and Dungeons. This is were you are earning the most experience and get some loot. In other words an option to choose the direction while you are on a Planet is not giving you anything.

This mode is more like a background and the main purpose of that mode is to earn some EXP while you are offline and give you a feeling of an instant gameplay right when you start the game.

3) "Play" and automode. As it was said above, the main game happens not in the Idle mode, but in a story and dungeons. You can earn 10x of the experience there. We'll definitely change icons of "play" and "pause", because it's confusing, but this feature is not just for testing. Lazy players, who would use auto-battle will still have to select dungeons every time.


4) We'll change the preview for heroes in the hero tab. Thank you for the idea :)

5) Each hero has auto-attack and super ability. Besides of that they might have up to 2 passive abilities and a leader skill.

6) We are not planing to add more abilities in one hero, but instead we are going to give different skills to different elements.

For example Fire Yoji's super ability is Phoenix, but Water Yoji's super ability might be a Fire Beam. There are 6 different elements, so it'll give plenty of options. Instead of selecting a skill, you'll be selecting a hero and it's element.

7) Settings, hints, etc are in development.



here is the topic for an upcoming features :



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