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  1. A new tournament or event

    Well, I play since Gameroom version and at the moment, we have a new server (South America), a 'Transfer account system'andnew implements in every week as you guys goes on. So, I wouldlike to know if soon, like in this end of the year or in 2018beginning, we will have a new brand tournament (or even simple) as the game grows up. It's counts as new events as well.Making us as players, having more fun and new opportunities to evolve as hero/player and builder at UnnyWorld game. - Thank you for reading!
  2. Torneo

    Hola, queria saber si los jugadores del server Sudamericano estamos invitados al torneo de UnnyWorld. Mediante la aplicacion (Steam o telefono) no nos permite registrarnos... Y en la pagina oficial solo permite registrarse en dos servidores.