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  1. planet reset suggestion

    a weird bugs happened where at times it says my path is to long 21/20 when its been fine for the previous days... so i edited my planet to fix the bug... it then lead to an issue with my gate placement giving an error... at that point i just wanted to start from scratch. so my suggestion/question can there be a planet reset so it returns yr planet to its default layout... to do this you would need to add some sort of storage to house the items you added since the default layout had less stuff then you currently built
  2. Flawless victory suggestion

    Now, we don't get anything from a flawless victory that I'm aware of. Since there's no player profile yet that for instance says what % of victories is flawless or something, it is now pretty useless. Maybe in a future update there can be an extra bonus (maybe some extra guild xp, extra aqvium, a spell card of w/e) so there is at least something that comes with being awesome:)
  3. With the change of the talent system the new talents are easier to obtain but now i think there is small problem: the upgrade of the already obtained talents is very difficult because the scrolls are obtained by luck. I think this problem can be solved with 2 methods. 1. Creating market system where players can trade scrolls 2. Having daily task and bringing back the daily quests for green coins, and adding class based chests in the ingame shop (for example: Morth chest from witch you get scrolls for morth etc..) What do other people think?