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  1. Minions in clan wars

    *This is a copy of what i wrote in my thread on steam around 1 month ago,thought i post it here as well* ________________________________________________________________________________________________ I just watched one of your podcasts,about guild wars. There it was said,that a guild war would be a 3vs3 or maybe also a 5vs5 match. And that you could donate aquium(hope i spelled that right)to upgrade the buildings of your guilds planet. In addition to donating aquium,i would sugest something else. It has been mentioned in the podcast,that a guild will be able to summon creatures in a guild war. How about giving each guild member a new building for his own planet? Maybe a,,enlisting den''. Guild members could upgrade the den,just like the other buildings. The den would be used to recruit soldiers for your guild. The better your den,the better and more soldiers you can recruit. To recruit soldiers for your guild,you have to spend ressources AND your time. Like,play 5 arena and invasion matches with guild members. After you meet the requirements,you see the soldiers in your den,where they are stored till you donate them to your guild. Your den can only store a certain ammount of soldiers and you can only summon them once a day. When you donate them to your guild,they are stored in the barracks(or the town hall). There is a limit to how many soldiers you can store too. Because every member can only summon soldiers ONCE each day,it will be important that the guild works together and everyone stays active and donates soldiers. Those soldiers will be used in a guild war. If there are no more soldiers in the barracks of your guild,you will have to fight in the guild war without any soldiers. This would give your clan a huge dissadvantage,so you want to prevent that from happening,and make sure your guild members stay active and work together. Another important aspect of this is,that each guild member can take part in the guild war indirectly,because his soldiers,that he donated,are fighting in the guild war,even if he is not one of the 3-5 players who are actively fighting in the guild war. Lets go trough this step by step: -You place the enlisting den on your planet -You upgrade your den -You donate ressources and do special missions with the help of other clan members everyday,to summon soldiers for your guild -You donate the soldiers to your guild -Your soldiers stay in the barracks of your guild,till they are used in the next guild war -Soldiers that are used in a guild war,are lost and need to be replaced again This would require some real teamwork,and each member can feel like they actually took part in the guild war,even if just 5 people fought in it. A guild leader would always pick the best 5 people of his guild for a guild war,so the other members never get the chance to take part in it and shine. But by donating soldiers,that cant be bought by just 1 player,they stay important and can support the guild. Let me know what you think. I just dont want that the whole teamplay of a guild,can be replaced by 1 member with money,because you can buy guild experience and you can buy aquium too. A guild is a team project so teamplay should be required and unavoidable,if a guild wants to get stronger,no matter how much ressources and guild experience someone could buy.
  2. Mentor system

    Since the thunderclap campaign got 100/100 by now,we can expect to get more new players soon. This would be a nice opportunity to implement a mentor system,let me explain: We have some veterans by now,who know a lot about the game. It would be great if they share their knowledge with the newbies and welcome them to the game. To encourage this,a veteran will be able to volunteer as a mentor,once he met the requirements(for example,having a certain league rank and/or a certain number of playtime/games played). If a mentor doesnt log in for a while,he loses his mentor status,to assure that newbies dont end up with inactive mentors. When a new player starts to play for the first time,he gets asked if he would like to get a mentor,who helps him to learn the basics of the game and give him useful tips. If he accepts,he can either select a mentor from a list,or the game could just sugest 5 random mentors. A mentor could also send someone a request,and ask him if he wants to be his student. What are the advantages for both,the mentor,and the student? The mentor could get access to certain achievements,depending on how many students he already had. Also,there could be a rating system,so that students could rate the performance of their mentors,letting other newbies know,who does a good job and who doesnt,and the mentor himself,can feel good about being able to help new players The student will be able to learn a lot about the game from his mentor and the mentor and the student,could both get rewards,depending on how well the turorship goes. There could be missions like,,play x arena games with your mentor/student today'',and after 1-2 weeks,the mentor/student relationship ends,and both get rewards,based on how well they did+rewards for daily missions they do together. Additionally,a mentor could show up on a ex-students profile later or a ex-student could show up on his former mentors profile....for nostalgic reasons^^ What has to be added for this to work? -A mentor list. -Mentor/student rewards. -A reputation system(optional). -A private chat for the mentor and his student. -Mentors should be able to fill out a short description about themself,that shows up on the mentor list later.Like,if they focus on BR,invasions,what characters they know most about,what they intend to teach their students,what language they speak,and so on... -Mentors could be able to have multiple students at the same time,if they have a high enough reputation(optional). PS:Mentors have to be able to get rid of inactive students without a penalty,same goes for students.