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  1. Typos and Minor Bugs

    Dungeon: On Waves 1 and especially2, the camera, your team of heroes, and your heroes' AOE attacks are directed towards the right while the enemies are to the left partly off the screen. The camera and enemy position is fine during Wave3 (boss). On Wave 3 (Boss), the HP bar for the boss minions is behind them making it so you only see a small part of their HP bar. Social: The first time after registering worked great and I could use the chat. However, every subsequent time it asked me to register again and did not allow me to access the chat using the same email for registration. The screen about the confirmation was all that showed when clicking Social and I could no longer access the chat and other social features. EDIT: another feedback post reported the same issue. Achievement: Despite completing Critical Hit (Normal) and (Hard), the Critical Hit (Normal) Achievement never activated. I think this may have been since I didn't accept the rewards from Endurance 1 until the next day. Thus, it seems the entire line of achievements is no longer accessible. Free Energy Timer Free Energy Timer is not correct. I get the free energy around 10 minutes before the timer finishes. Then when the timer finishes it continues as negative time instead of resetting. Typos: Spirit Material Heroes have a single ability that describes that they provide more EXP when used to power up heroes. The title of the ability should be "Power-Up Ingredient" instead of "Power-Up Ingradient". FIFA Cup 2018 Text: "so players would be able to" should be "so players will be able to There were a couple other typos I noticed but forgot to write down. I'll reply to this post if I encounter them again. Relevant screenshots can be found attached. Hope this helps! - Meissner
  2. [Steam] Currency conversion

    When using steam for people that do not have USD as they main currency set, the game keeps changing every few hours the value to buying gems at your currency, i think it would be nice to have fixed prices for the most number of currencies as possible, because its very frustrating when you put credits at your steam wallet, and in the other day when the credits comes to your wallet, you see that you dont have enough to buy the gems anymore, because the prices just changed in your currency, it only happens at the in app purchases. The DLC price stills the same without changing in other currencies, also if you compare the $10 USD gem pack from in app purchase it shows a different price than the DLC that is also $10 USD, when youre using another currency, that happens because the DLC has an fixed price for it in many currencies, and the in app one are converting (at real time i guess). It seems to be event worst for the brazilian people, for them the $10 USD DLC is like R$19,99 and the $10 USD Gem Pack haves like an 50% higher price than that. The 2 screenshots attached with JPY was taken by me and the other one with the BRL value was taken by a friend.
  3. DSL пак STEAM не пришел [RESOLVED]

    Здравствуйте! купил набор со стима в игре ничего нет.
  4. 1.0.2

    1. Custom matches : now you can earn resources by playing with friends. 2. Heroes re-balance. 3. Multiple chat rooms for different languages. 4. In game mail for system messages. 5. Now your progress is synced with Steam Account.
  5. 1.0.2

    1. Доработана система кастомных матчей, добавлена возможность зарабатывать аквиум 2. Балансировка героев, изменены их основные статы и базовые таланты 3. Добавлены комнаты для чата 4. Добавлена игровая почта для системных сообщений