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  1. Powers slow

    play using the powers as for example phoenix yoji's ability to play because it is very easy to get away from him also some skill of the akia and neri.
  2. About buttons and some ideias

    Like, the drawning system can not be easy to some players, If that player have FPS fall, in game will be Impossible use skills, cause he can't drawn About the buttons, you can make a settings to change buttons position The alert system, the aim button, you can make like, touch It, then the map get a litte big, and then you click the place tou want allert Make the buttons in game a little big
  3. Player Tips for Developers

    Hello everyone, I apologize for the way I'm writing because I'm using google translator. I was talking to some players and realized that everyone has good ideas for the game and is very eager to help. Then came the idea of creating this topic. (I apologize if any similar topic already exists). Here players can give tips on skins, skills, minigames, arena etc. Texto original Estava conversando com alguns jogadores e percebi que todos tem boas ideias para o jogo e tem muita vontade de ajudar.Então surgiu a ideia de criar esse tópico. ( peço desculpas se já existe algum tópico similar). Aqui os jogadores podem dar dicas de skins, skills, minigames, arena etc