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  1. I have had this idea for the long time but i am busy lately so never got time to write what i think about the trade system. 1) I think the scroll trading should be just between guild members and not for everyone because that way it will make more competition beetween guilds (and i think competition is good forguild wars when we get themin future) and it will make people from same guild wanna help the other players in the guild. But with guilds as they are only 30 people can trade scrolls and i dont think that is enough. So my solution is to expand the max number of guild members (for example to 40) AND my suggestion is to make FRIEND SYSTEM FOR GUILDS. -> FRIEND SYSTEM FOR GUILDS - one guild can have at most 2 friend guilds. - Why friend guilds? -> members from one guild cant trade scrolls with people from the friend guilds so that way thenumber of people that can trade scrolls goes from 40 to 120. - When can the friend guilds start making trade? at lvl 3* * As members from friend guilds play in same party they get friend guild exp. So the relationship lvl of guild rasis ( pros from relationship level: at lvl 1 when playing with guild friend member you get +5% red crystals, at lvl 3 you can trade scrolls between guilds , at lvl 5 one players can visit the guild planet of the friend guild.. (this are just examples but lvl 3 is the important one). 2)About the lvl of the spells that need to be before one player can start the trade i dont think that maxing the spell is good becouse new players wont expiriance the trade system for long time and that might push them off from the game. I think we need un upgrade of the current lvl of the spells for 1 lvl (normal 9 -> 10, rare 7 - > 8, epic 5->6) and not make all lvl 10 becouse i dont think anyone can collect 400 epic scrolls and you can start trading scrolls when you make the normal spell lvl 7, the rarespell lvl 5, and the epic spell lvl 3.This way i think the new players can start trading scrolls after only 1 month of play and maeby less. 3)One more thing beside trading scrolls can be CRAFTING scrolls. - why? a. Maybe people dont like to join guilds and they wanna play alone, that way they cant trade scrolls but if they have leftovers they can use them for crafting the spell they need. b. Even if players are in the guild maybe noone has leftovers from the spell they need and there is no way to get it. So for example if you need the worm for lane and noone has it, if the price for crafting it is for example 5x Boulder scrolss and 10x underground walk scrolls + 10 unnycoins , you can trade your leftover scrolls for boulder and underground walk scrolls and craf the worm spell scroll . - Also you can use scrolls for crafting ONLY after you get the spell for that scroll to 7/5/3 ( normal/ rare/ epic ) level. @ZyonmkxqIwould apriciate it if you can find the time to read this (sorry for making it too long)and tell me what you think.