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  1. Scroll Summon: quantity bug

    So I am farming the heck out of planet 2 & just letting my scrolls collect, however, I noticed that the scrolls I'm getting rewarded for my victory are not being added to my scroll count in summon tab of Heroes page. I've noticed this happen before when I was opening it right after I had just received a scroll but it wasn't showing & when I hit to 500 aqvium(spelling?) It still summoned it. However, I have not attempted to open these yet from the video. I have no clue how many scrolls I've gotten that it's not showing. In video you'll see quantity before battle, battle, reward, & quantity after battle. I was between customers at work in downtown when I recorded it so sorry for silence or other work noises. Until next time... Stay on Budget & Keep on Gaming! scroll_bug.mp4