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  1. Rune bonuses

    It's unclear what bonus rune combinations give. For example does every pair of endurance runes give extra hp? If so, how much? If not, what bonus is there? How many does it take? I didn't notice this info anywhere in the UI maybe I just missed it somewhere?
  2. Rune Sets Duplicating on New Summons

    Not sure if this was an intended game mechanic or not, but it seems like equipped runes sets have a rare chance to reincarnate on new summons essentially duplicating the entire rune set. EDIT: After some testing, it seems to happen consistently only with magic summons, not regular summons. Old Rune Set on 4-Star Lvl 39Pirate: New Rune Set on 3-Star Lvl 1 Gentleman:
  3. Stun Runes from Vengeance Levels

    Ever since the last update, Vengeance Normal, Hard, and Hell have been giving Stun runes instead of Vengeance runes.