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  1. ¡Vea aquí al nuestro reciente artículo que está dando más informaciones acerca de los resultados de la primer Torneo de UnnyWorld! 🎈🎈🎈 Sitio -
  2. Deem uma olhada no nosso artigo mais recente, com informações fresquinhas sobre os resultados do 1º Campeonato do UnnyWorld!🎈🎈🎈 Leia o nossoArtigo-
  3. Оцените нашу свежую статью, освещающую детали прошедшего совсем недавно 1-го Турнира в UnnyWorld!
  4. Check out our latest article which is fleshing out some info regarding the results of the 1st UnnyWorld Tournament!🎈🎈🎈
  5. Thanks to all players of our West Europe server for participating in PvD matches last Saturday 😁 Here is the recorded stream of the epic games in case you missed it -> Please, enjoy. And this is the list of West Europe participants: 🎉Agressor, 7 lava, Insom, Ice Cucumber, LegendaryMops, Niksi, exsi, KIWIX, Toptoptopik, Sunny, Cool, slient king🎉 All games against devs are supported by great reward 👑💎 from our side and those guys already got it, so why not participate next Saturday ;)? The event will be announced accordingly 🎈🎈🎈 Also, don’t forget to contribute by voting for adjusted times for PvD matches for each server ⏰😏 North America voting -> South America voting -> West Europe voting -> Another thing to notice, we recently created a Discord channel dedicated to game discussions. It’s a great source where you can talk to other players, ask developers (almost in real time), and post your thoughts 🤙 Here is the link ->
  6. Thanks everybody for participation in PvD yesterday on the North American server😁 We hope you had some fun, but in case you missed the event, here is the recorded Twitch stream -> And this is the list of participants of NA server: 🎉Darkpassenger, ACM1PT, Hyrlez, Elphants, Seus, Activist, Fabiote, Minion_II, Tacos, Jns, Melissa, Derp🎉 Those guys got a great reward for playing with us, so why not participate next Saturday? The event will be announced accordingly🎈🎈🎈 Also, don’t forget to contribute by voting for adjusted times for PvD matches for each server⏰😏 North America voting -> South America voting -> West Europe voting -> And, as it was promised on Twitch stream, here is the invitation link to our Discord channel🤙 Please join the conversation -> P.S. West Europe stream along with the list of participants will be coming later today😛
  7. Tournament winners

    That was a blast! The first UnnyWorld Tournament is over and now we’re ready to announce the winners!!!⚔️🤙😃 On Europe the best of the best is Lane team: psycroptic, Niksi and Descarts. On America the best of the best is Viky team: AlexGAMES, TR Fabiot, SerenitySoul. You guys are badasses! Warmest congratulations from the developers. Of course all participants did well and we will hold other bunch of Tournaments and anybody else will have a chance to win them. The prizes for participants will be distributed on Monday. 2 ultimate winners will also get special Tournament badges and T-shirts signed by devs.🎖️🏆🏅🥇🥈 For that we need you to send us an email to, with your nickname, in-game id and your physical address. Check out the updated timetable with the results of the finals right here If you missed everything, all videos are available on our Youtube channel P.S. Join our newly created Discord channel to talk to us
  8. Это было нечто! Первый UnnyWorld Турнир окончен и мы готовы объявить победителей!!! ⚔️🤙😃 На Европейском сервере победила команда Лейн: psycroptic, Niksi and Descarts. На Американском сервере победила команда Вики: AlexGAMES, TR Fabiot, SerenitySoul. Вы просто молодцы! Примите наши поздравления. Конечно, все участники Турнира постарались на славу и, мы проведем еще не один Турнир и у каждого игрока будет шанс победить. Призы для участников Турнира начнут распространяться в понедельник. Двум главным командам победителям достанутся также особые подарки - турнирные баджи и футболки подписанные разработчиками. 🎖️🏆🏅🥇🥈 Чтобы получить футболки, напишите нам на письмо, в котором будет указан ваш ник, игровой айди и ваш физический адрес. Расписание и результаты финальных матчей Турнира можно посмотреть здесь Если вы все пропустили, то записи стримов доступны на нашей ютуб канале П.С. Также присоединяйтесь к нашему официальному каналу в Дискорде, чтобы всегда оставаться на связи и общаться с нами