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  1. Funny bugs

    Hi, all! First, I wanted to say thank you to our active players, who spend their time not only playing our game but also reporting bugs. We, at Unnyhog, understand that sometimes they can be very annoying, cos they can easily compromise yourexperience in the game and, most importantly, your impression. So we strive a lot to answer all your questions and concerns and try to fix critical bugs ASAP. Things aren't always smooth, but we're doing our best. Game development is tough, even though we're making fun experience Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that even though we spend most of our time working on the game to bring it to you, we do enjoy fun as well. Sometimes funny stuff is happening around and I would like this topic to be devoted to it. Let me start with this nice 8bit picture of UnnyWorld. This bug was occuring in one of the previous versions of Facebook Gameroom. I hope it doesn't bother you anymore. As for me, it remindsme anold time of 8bit consoles. When people just started to find out aboutMario, Donkey Kong, Sonic and etc. So, please, don't hesitate to continue this conversation and share funny screenshots you find in UnnyWorld and have a great time meanwhile!