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    Hello, I am new to game but really like the feature that game works offline so that I can play anywhere even though there is no net available as well game is looking good but I personally find it lacks some strategical gameplay due to auto battles so overall I have few suggestions to made without any particular order. All the images & icons are for reference purpose only. 1] Add button in Hero profile separately to switch his special ability Auto or Manual as all 5 heroes special ability to manual is hard to operate & I think not necessary too as well all on auto is again not good & no strategic thing in it but if you allow us to set these abilities par hero then we can make some strategic decisions that which hero needs to be an auto & which is on manual. As well don't remove the all hero auto / manual thing too. So if you decide to add auto / manual mode separately on each hero the just a button in battle window to switch between Auto / Manual & User Mode.In simple add feature to make hero ability auto or manual in Hero window then just add one more mode User to the current auto / manual mode button in battles. So the button will show A - Auto / M - Manual /U - User This way everyone will decide what's good for them & this will add some strategic way to play battles. For Reference - In 1st image 1st Button is to activate/deactivate hero in battle & 2nd is to set his/her ability to manual or auto. In 1st image Hero is activated [ Green ] & his ability on auto [ Play ] In 2nd image Hero is deactivated & his ability is on manual. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2] Pause button for battles. Although battles are auto played it's nice to have pause button for the players who wants to use hero ability manually so that they can pause battle if there is some urgency or anything. 3] Give Up Button outside setting button. Give up button inside settings is confusing as well not user friendly too. 4] Remove that rotating zoom in/out animation from offer, event or any other button as it's irritating to watch & players are not fool to miss those things over screen. Just add simple button size reduced to normal like zoom out/in animation directly on button with some time period like after 15m or more. you can add nice border around buttons to look them good. 5] Again you can always save screen with sliding UI. Like sliding window from right to left to show all offers or all options etc. so main screen will look clean & good. 6] Better explanation text for Hero attributes. I find Resistant & Accuracy test is almost same. Where the text is proper for Accuracy but totally wrong for Resistant. Resistant text should be like this.. "Chance to Resist Debuff on Hero equals......." 7] I think Hero ability text also needs to be improve. I am not sure but I think I saw debuff word in place of word buff & as par I know buff means positive effect & debuff means Negative so be sure to check that. As well you need to be clear that ability is working on 1 hero/enemy or on all as there is some confusion about some hero abilities at least for me. Like.. Graim special ability says "Increase speed by 30% for 2 move(s)" so I thought it's only for 1 hero but while using her it's for all. Same goes with Snegurochka special ability & for few other heroes too so it's good to add proper text. 8] Different Bars for heroes to show health & attack bar. I am not sure about this as current one is good to but you really need to change attack bar purple color which is sometimes hard to see so it's better to use some bright color like yellow or even white is better. Ok so about new bars, this is nothing new & I saw it in many rpg games & I kinda like it so I decided to make this suggestion. As I can't explain it in text I have added image below. So the green bar is health & white is special ability bar. Battles are auto so I don't find health bar is that important so I have added it inside. About Level Icon, I just copy/paste level graphics & it of course needs a good icon. 9] Hero position. Total there are 5 positions 2 front 2 middle & 1 back so You can add different advantages & disadvantages on different position by marking position with number to understand. Like no.1 position will get +2%hp but -1%power. 2nd position will get +5 speed but -1% power etc. Not so sure about this suggestion & as I am not a developer or a game designer so I really don't know if it's going to work or not but I am just thinking that it will add more strategy while placing heroes on battle field. Like may be I will add power rune to hero which I want to place on no. 1 position as -1% power disadvantage is there rather than hp rune something like that. Of course all the numbers & % are for reference purpose only. The main suggestion is to take advantage of hero position in some way to make battles or hero position decision little more strategic. 10] Sleep vs Stun ? I don't know what's the difference between this two abilities as for me it looks like same. Stun is good but not so sure about sleep so I will prefer some other effects in game as ability like.. [ Number, % & turns are for Ref. purpose only. ] Charm/Confuse - Charm/Confuse character going to attack their own team mate for 1/2 turn. Bleeding - Character will loose X% of hit points & Speed par 1/2 turn. Poison - Poisoned character will loose X% Hit points as well as Power par 1/2 turns. 11] Adding immunity or weakness against some abilities to heroes, enemies & bosses. Like immune to poison, stun or bleeding something like that so that we can choose proper team against particular enemy or boss. This is again only for adding some strategy into game as playing all battles with same team is not great imo. 12] Make runes sort auto by 5* to 1* like heroes & add Sort option to only see particular * runes. Like only 1* or 2* runes will be visible through sort settings. Same sort option for Hero window. 13] Different color border for selected rune in rune window as sometimes it's hard to find which rune is selected. 14] 15] Ok i have few other suggestions to make but due to time limit I will add them later. I & can only say that game is looking good, addictive & simple but you definitely have to work on better UI & description text. Don't make UI look fancy & shinning without reason & try to keep it simple & user friendly. Sorry if I hurt anyone in any way just wanted to give some suggestion as I know your team is definitely working hard & I totally appreciate it so Good Luck.