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  1. Hero Database (Collect them all)

    As it sounds like the next update will promote collecting all the heroes for their unique skills, I've starting making a database with the heroes that I've encountered so far: Heroes Database(Comments enabled) Since I only could think of 47 out of the 60 or so heroes and I didn't have all the heroes in my collection, please feel free to comment (either on the spreadsheet or this topic) if you have a hero not on this list or information missing about a hero and I'll update the spreadsheet accordingly. I'm waiting to add the details about the hero stats and skills until after the next update since they are likely to change. Hope this is useful for some players. Please let me know if this is not the place to post this and I'll remove the post. - Meissner
  2. 0.9.1

    Свежее обновление: 1) Добавлена Чемпионская Лига 2) Улучшена детализация скинов некоторых персонажей. Остальные будут добавлены позже 3) Фиксы багов
  3. 0.9.1

    1) Champions League was added 2) Design for the basic skins of all characters was improved. (Other skins will come later) 3) Bug fixes