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  1. Hello friends, Today I need your support I want to know how much you like this character? ... The creator was Zaiku. A very creative and very well done character .. help you write the story you will find below .. All the powers will be explained here .. There is a video but in Spanish where you can understand the character better. Please support it is a great idea Developers who think of this character?... DeviantArt To Zaiku: History:Tornus the yoji prodigy, At birth Tornus suffered a great blow in his life, this was considered the dishonor of his village since he could not control or create fire. This was because there was a problem at the time of birth (no one knows why was born without a flame, everyone considered it a curse). Tornus was beaten, humiliated and despised by all. For not possessing the most characteristic of their race "fire". But tornus did not surrender he wanted to be strong, he wanted to be seen, loved and valued by all so he started an adventure in the fields of his planet. in that he finds a ship that did not look like his home planet ... this was controlled by someone who did not recognize his face. Seeing the little "yoji" scared and confused. he asks him, "Your little one, what are you doing here alone and why do not you emanate fathoms of fire?" To which I reply .. "I'm sorry sir, I can not create fire and I look for a solution to it ..." The stranger confused He says what is your goal then to solve it? ... Tornus did not last a second when answering him ... -I want you to value me and love me like any other yoji ... I want to be strong. The stranger offered him help instantly .. -Chico Upload to my boat I will take you to a planet where I will teach you to be strong! ... Months passed and the stranger showed him an element never before seen "the air". From one day to the next, Tornus, perfecting this art, went back to his home planet to show how strong he was. The stranger took him ... and told him before leaving. -Don't give up Tornus .. You did the impossible and now go your way ... Tornus was recognized as the Yoji Prodijio .. He was the only one capable of controlling the air and being able to put out any powerful fire that he faced. Tornus fulfilled his dream ... What are you waiting for to fulfill yours?