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  1. 1.2.0

    1) Modo Novo: Battle Royale As regras são simples: o planeta enorme é o seu campo de batalha, seu objetivo é sobreviver a qualquer custo. Colete feitiços, construa torres e coloque armadilhas para derrotar outros jogadores. O Planeta sempre está sendo destruído e para ganhar na Grande Batalha você precisa escapar dos territórios em colapso. 2) Novo Herói: Gaya - Curandeiro Natural 3) Invasão: a) Ponto de pouso agora cura você. Foi feito para evitar matar instantaneamente no pouso. b) Torres de Gelo não pode mais disparar sobre objetos 4) Todos os pergaminhos foram reequilibrados e o nível máximo foi aumentado para 10. 5) As skins de Natal para todos os heróis estão disponíveis a partir de 7 de dezembro. 6) A chance de obter gemas de Cofres foi aumentada. 7) Os preços dos cofres na loja foram alterados. 8) Melhorias no desempenho. 9) Correções de erros e colisões. 10) Nova habilidade: Teletransportação. Use o gesto "<" para se teletransportar. O teletransporte está disponível em Invasions e Battle Royale.
  2. 1.2.0

    1) Nuevo Modo: Battle Royale Las reglas son simples: el gran planeta es el campo de batalla, tu objetivo es sobrevivir a cualquier costo. Recoge hechizos, construye torres y coloca trampas para vencer a otros jugadores. El Planeta siempre está siendo destruido y para ganar en la Gran Batalla necesitas escapar del colapso de los territorios. 2) Nuevo héroe: Gaya - Sanador Natural 3) Invasión: a) El punto de aterrizaje ahora te cura. Fue hecho para evitar la muerte instantánea en el aterrizaje. b) Las torres de escarcha ya no pueden disparar objetos 4) Todos los rollos se reequilibraron y el nivel máximo se aumentó a 10. 5) Las pieles de Navidad para todos los héroes estarán disponibles a partir del 7 de diciembre. 6) La posibilidad de obtener gemas de los cofres aumentó. 7) Se cambiaron los precios de los cofres en la tienda. 8) Mejoras de rendimiento. 9) Corrección de errores y fallos. 10) Nueva habilidad: teletransportación. Usa el gesto "<" para teletransportarse. La teletransportación está disponible en Invasions y Battle Royale.
  3. 1.2.0

    1) New Mode : Battle Royale The rules are simple: huge Planet is the battleground, your goal is to survive at any cost. Collect spells, build towers and put traps to defeat other players. The Planet is always getting destroyed and to win in the Grand Battle you need to escape from collapsing territories. 2) New Hero: Gaya - Natural Healer 3)Invasion: a) Landing Point now heals you. It was made to avoid instant kill on landing. b) Frost Towers can’t shoot though objects anymore 4) All scrolls were rebalanced and the maximum level was increased to 10. 5) Christmas skins for all heroes are available from December 7. 6) The chance to get Gems from Chests was increased. 7) Prices for the chests in the store were changed. 8) Performance improvements. 9) Bug and crash fixes. 10) New Ability: Teleportation. Use gesture "<" to teleport. The teleportation is available in Invasions and Battle Royale.
  4. A new Hero (BY: TherKyn)

    Ideas for a new character in UnnyWorld. Today I will show you a new idea of character for this game that I fell in love in seconds, I will expose more about my ideas so that you know "Any". I'll start with a story about her and her life before coming to this world full of fantasies and challenges. Remembering that Everything is just an idea and not necessarily something fixed, I am exposing a basic idea and I will be happy that you could apply improvements or even changes. History ForestWorld was a planet surrounded by many trees, rivers, lakes, flowers and all kinds of animals, but in that same forest, inhabited evil, hatred and destruction, ForestWorld was invaded by evil and evil creatures where their goal was destruction. The Druid Colony and the animals inhabiting this small planet were threatened by Evee's wrath, where her goal was to steal the strongest energy from the entire galaxy, the heart of ForestWorld, where it was Stylix, Guardian of the whole life of ForestWorld. Evee ordered her lackeys to defeat Stylix so she could steal the energy from the heart of ForestWorld, Stylix knowing that she could not protect the planet from the darkness of Evee, he decided to hide the heart of the forest so Evee never found it, so Stylix decided to leave that immense power at the hands of her young daughter named Any, a brave but at the same time very shy and sweet girl, lover of life and her planet, but Any did not understand why her father gave her that immense power to protect her, So innocent and sweet girl. His father simply wanted to defend only the two things he loves the most, the life of ForestWorld and his daughter Any, then with the rest of the forces that Stylix had, gave Any the immense energy of the forest transforming it into a powerful druid, where I immediately send her to a planet very close to ForestWorld, called UnnyWorld, a planet where Stylix was sure that her daughter would be protected from all evil. Stylix, aware of this place full of powerful creatures that could rather help her daughter to grow and master the immense power given to her. Evee knowing about such an act of Stylix destroyed everything around her and sent all her lackeys in search of Any, so that she could simply have ForestWorld's energy entirely for her, thus being able to dominate the entire galaxy. Anyone arriving at UnnyWorld, found Lane, a very clever and a little "tough" wizard, Lane helped Any to leave the teleporter and saw that the girl had a very powerful energy in his hands, with that he decided to protect her at all costs, for she was aware that Evee would be looking for her to steal such power. Anyone and Lane got to know each other better, even though Lane being a tough, ignorant and clever, Any with his sweetness managed to soften Lane's heart of stone. Any other than being an elven girl of unknown age, she was a very smart and brave girl, she loved to talk and make clothes and accessories with plants and flowers that she found around her. Lane being a half-ignorant guy at times, was a great company for Any, besides being from different personalities and cultures, they got along very well with each other, becoming great friends, almost brothers, inseparable and always united, showing the strength of friendship. But not everything is just roses, there are thorns everywhere, Eve was still hunting for Any, so the sweet girl would have to prepare for the great war that is to come. On the battlefield, Any is a great companion for her team, with her forest magic, she is capable of giving life, and at the same time taking lives from those who dare to threaten her friends. Status Base - The Druid of the Forest Any as a beautiful life lover, she is a great support option for her team, having the ability to heal her allies and give control effects to her enemies. Hit Points: 850 Defense: 18% Defense Penetration: 10% Speed: 6.2 Resistance: 24% Magic Penetration: 21% Basic Power: Energy of Nature Any with her wand inherited from her family, she is able to shoot magical spheres bestowed by nature spirits, which cause 42 damage per second. Passive effect: Rooting Every 4 hits with your basic attack, the enemy will be rooted for 0.75 seconds. Power Collections Dash "l" 1. Any creates a connected power tie directly to the ally indicated, every second Any cure your ally in 24 points per 6 seconds. The loop may be broken if Any moves away from the ally (or vice versa). 2. Any hits the enemy with roots that drain the life of his opponent, giving a damage to 15 every 0.5 seconds. And healing her in 5 life by tic. Trace " /\ " 1. Any creates a flowery area at the indicated location that heals the allies immediately in 100 hit points, enemies present in the area are weaknesses moving slower by 40% within up to 5 seconds. 2. Any creates a large flower that blooms in the location by creating a healing area for her and her allies to apply a healing 28 points per 5 seconds. 3. Any applies a shield itself made by thorns, every damage it receives reflected enemies is 60% of the damage applied to and protecting life at 100 for 3 seconds. Dash "V" 1. Any creates two lackeys of the forest to help it in the battle, applying a 20 damage and applying a handicap of 3% of the magic defense of the enemy. His forest minions have 55 life and only disappear if they are defeated (it will not be possible to summon more minions if the current ones are still alive). 2. Any plays an incredible magic of the forest in a given area, rooting the enemy for 3 seconds and applying consecutive damage 110 damage. 3. Any apply a poison effect on area leaving enemies confused by 6/2 and applies 50 damage per second in the area indicated. Right button 1. Any selects an enemy to be doomed by forest spirits lifting up the air, which had been immobilized, this period of time the life of the enemy is drained at 350 of damage, the amount of damage applied to the enemy is converted to life and redistributed for close allies. 2. Any seeks help from forest spirits in their battle, giving it and its allies a lead of 40% damage a shield 140 of living for 5 seconds. 3. Any creates a huge monster of the forest that applies 80 of body damage on enemies and towers every 2 seconds, the monster created by a wood resists the jungle has 400 points of life. Although this creature is very big and resistant, it moves very slowly with its movement equal to 5. Character Characteristics Any is a very charismatic and timid, very loving character who devotes his life to protecting living beings. Any as a beautiful druid, always lived in the forest, her clothes have as a characteristic to be made of plants, flowers, leather and roots. Anyone has a lovely tiara with a red rose attached to her hair, given to her father when she was born. Any has a beautiful blond hair and a big, green wick. Any has bright green eyes. Any has a wood wand given to his father, made of a wooden branch surrounded by vines and small flowers, at his tip the big and beautiful yellow tulip. Any is about the size of Insa. Anyone has a slim body, sharp and seduce you.
  5. 1.2.0

    1. Добавлен новый режим - Королевская Битва. Правила простые:Огромная планета является полем боя, ваша задача выжить во что бы то ни стало. Собирайте заклинания, стройте вышки и ловушки, чтобы уничтожить врага. Планета постоянно разрушается, поэтому для победы необходимо успеть уничтожить врага чтобы сбежать с планеты. 2. Добавлен новый герой: Гая - Природный Целитель. 3. Нападение на планету: а) Точка высадки теперь лечит вас. Это сделано для того, чтобы вас сразу не уничтожили. б) Ледяная вышка теперь не стреляет сквозь объекты 4. Все заклинания теперь имеют максимальный 10 уровень 5. Новогодние скины для всех героев станут доступны с 7 Декабря. 6. Увеличен шанс выпадения гемов из Среднего и Большого сундука. 7. Изменены цены на сундуки в магазине 8. Оптимизация игры 9. Фиксы багов
  6. 1.1.4

    Behold! Huge and Amazing updates are coming with most your requests satisfied! 1) New Hero : Lamia Lamia is a cruel and ruthless witch gaining her powers through blood rituals. Her knowledge and mastery of the occult allows her to utilize ancient spells and incantations. She uses forbidden magic to siphon off the life force of her enemies to sustain herself and her allies. She is a terrifying force on the battlefield often scaring her opponents away with her frightening presence. Her creepy and sadistic fascination with blood has earned her a reputation of being a Vampire. She fights to inflict pain on both her victims and the world. 2) Random Arenas are back. Are you tired of fighting with bots? Select random Arena to be matched with real players more often. Now you’ll also get some resources for that as well. 3) Daily Bonus. Earn Unnycoins for the first victory with each hero. 4) Planet Editor. Change the landscape of your planet in any way you want. Be ready for invasions! 5) Update tasks If you are stuck with a task, you can change it now. 6) Hi-tech Duar. New epic skin for Duar with updated spells. 7) New spell’s interaction 1. Earth Balls destroy Water Balls 2. Earth Balls and Frost Balls destroy each other 3. Earth Balls destroy each other 4. Underground walk and Earth Worm removes all negative debuffs. 5. Earth Balls, Earth Shield and Stone Run become Lava Balls when they interacts with fire. Lava Ball ignores all armor and resistance. 6. Stone Run and Earth Shield Balls destroy all enemy projectiles. 8) Auto-Focus on a target, who attacks you. 9) Invasion mode was radically changed. 10) Global statistics improvements 11) Code optimizations 12) Bug fixes
  7. 1.1.4

    P.S.Traducido con google. ¡Mirad! ¡Las actualizaciones enormes y asombrosas están llegando con la mayoría de sus solicitudes satisfechas! 1) Nuevo héroe: Lamia Lamia es una bruja cruel y despiadada que obtiene sus poderes a través de rituales de sangre. Su conocimiento y dominio de lo oculto le permite utilizar hechizos y conjuros antiguos. Ella usa la magia prohibida para desviar la fuerza de la vida de sus enemigos para sostenerse a ella y a sus aliados. Ella es una fuerza terrorífica en el campo de batalla a menudo asustando a sus oponentes con su aterradora presencia. Su espeluznante y sádica fascinación por la sangre le ha ganado una reputación de ser una Vampira. Ella lucha para infligir dolor a sus víctimas y al mundo. 2) Arenas aleatorias están de vuelta. ¿Estás cansado de luchar con bots? Selecciona Arena aleatoria para que coincida con jugadores reales con más frecuencia. Ahora también obtendrá algunos recursos para eso también. 3) Bonificación diaria. Gana Unnycoins por la primera victoria con cada héroe. 4) Planet Editor. Cambie el paisaje de su planeta de la forma que desee. ¡Prepárate para las invasiones! 5) Actualizar tareas Si está atrapado con una tarea, puede cambiarla ahora. 6) Hi-Tech Duar. Nueva piel épica para Duar con hechizos actualizados. 7) Interacción del nuevo hechizo 1. Las bolas de tierra destruyen las bolas de agua 2. Las bolas de tierra y las bolas de escarcha se destruyen 3. Las bolas de tierra se destruyen 4. Caminata subterránea y Earth Worm elimina todas las desventajas negativas. 5. Earth Balls, Earth Shield y Stone Run se convierten en bolas de lava cuando interactúan con el fuego. Lava Ball ignora toda armadura y resistencia. 6. Stone Run y Earth Shield Balls destruyen todos los proyectiles enemigos. 8) Enfoque automático en un objetivo, quien te ataca. 9) El modo de invasión cambió radicalmente. 10) Mejoras de estadísticas globales 11) Optimizaciones de código 12) Corrección de errores
  8. 1.1.4 - Disponível

    Contemplar! Grandes e surpreendentes atualizações estão chegando com a maioria dos pedidos satisfeitos! Novo Herói : Lamia =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Arenas Aleatórias estão de volta ! Você está cansado de lutar com bots? Selecione Arena aleatória para ser combinada com jogadores reais com mais freqüência. Agora você também terá alguns recursos para isso também. Bônus diário Ganhe Unnycoins pela primeira vitória com cada herói. Planet Editor Mude a paisagem do seu planeta da maneira que quiser. Esteja pronto para invasões! Pular Tarefa diária Se você está preso com uma tarefa, pode mudá-la agora. Hi-tech Duar. Nova skin épica para Duar com feitiços atualizados. Nova interação do feitiço 1. As bolas da Terra destroem as bolas de água 2. Bolas da Terra e Bolas de Frost se destroem 3. As bolas da Terra se destroem 4. A caminhada subterrânea e o verme da Terra eliminam todos os depósitos negativos. 5. As bolas da terra, o escudo da terra e a corrida da pedra tornam-se bolas de lava quando interagem com o fogo. Lava Ball ignora todas as armaduras e resistência. 6. Stone Run e Earth Shield Balls destroem todos os projéteis inimigos. Auto-foco em um alvo, que o ataca; O modo de invasão foi radicalmente alterado; Melhorias em estatísticas globais; Otimizações de código; Correções de erros
  9. 1.1.4

    1) Новый Герой : Ламия 2) Случайные арены- вернулись. Вы устали бороться с ботами? Выберите случайную Арену, чтобы сражаться с реальными игроками чаще. Теперь вы также получите немного ресурсовза это. 3) Ежедневный Бонус. Заработайте Unnycoins за первуюпобедукаждым героем. 4) Редактор Планеты. Изменяйте ландшафт своей планеты как угодно. Будьте готовы к вторжениям! 5) Задачи обновлены Если вы не можете выполнитьзадачу, то есть возможность поменять её. 6) Премиум скин Дуара. Новый эпичный скин для Дуара с визуально измененными заклинаниями. 7) Новыевзаимодействия сзаклинаниями 1. Земляные шары уничтожить воды шарики 2. Земляные шары и Ледяныешарыуничтожить друг друга 3. Земляныешары уничтожают друг друга 4. Подземная ходьба и Землянойчервь снимают все негативные бафы. 5. Земляныешары, Землянойщит и Валунпревращаются в Шарылавы, когда они взаимодействуют с огнем. Шары лавыигнорирует всюфизическую и магическую броню. 6. Дрожь земли и "Земляной щит" шары, уничтожаютвсе вражеские снаряды. 8) Авто-фокус на цели, которые атакуют вас. 9) Режим Нападения на планету был кардинально изменен. 10) Улучшение глобальной статистики 11) Оптимизация кода 12) Исправлены ошибки