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  1. Tournament participation

    Dear players, as we’re coming close to holding the Tournament, here is the important information. The Tournament will be held -> 26th August first matches ⏰ -> 27th August semi finals and finals ⏰ Remember, to save the date!☺️ Here is the list of participants in the Tournament😎 -> There are special teams called *Waiting team*. It means that those players weren’t assigned a team yet.😮 We are waiting for confirmation from players marked in red colour till 19th August⏰🤔 And then, on 20th August we’ll assign players from *Waiting Team* to other teams regardless of confirmation from red players. If you have any further questions feel free to send us a private message. Be well, Your Unnyhog team
  2. 0.9.8

    1)Loncalarda Rütbe Sistemi 2)Eski Arenalarda Değişiklikler 3)Sohbet için Susturma ve Raporlama
  3. 0.9.8

    1) Система рангов в Гильдии 2) Изменения в старых Аренах 3) Игнорирование сообщений и репорт игроков в чате
  4. 0.9.8

    1) Rank system in Guilds 2) Changes in old Arenas 3) Mute and Report for chat