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  1. Thanks to all players of our West Europe server for participating in PvD matches last Saturday 😁 Here is the recorded stream of the epic games in case you missed it -> Please, enjoy. And this is the list of West Europe participants: 🎉Agressor, 7 lava, Insom, Ice Cucumber, LegendaryMops, Niksi, exsi, KIWIX, Toptoptopik, Sunny, Cool, slient king🎉 All games against devs are supported by great reward 👑💎 from our side and those guys already got it, so why not participate next Saturday ;)? The event will be announced accordingly 🎈🎈🎈 Also, don’t forget to contribute by voting for adjusted times for PvD matches for each server ⏰😏 North America voting -> South America voting -> West Europe voting -> Another thing to notice, we recently created a Discord channel dedicated to game discussions. It’s a great source where you can talk to other players, ask developers (almost in real time), and post your thoughts 🤙 Here is the link ->
  2. 0.9.7

    1) Все игроки, находящиеся на Азиатском сервере, переносятся на Европейский 2) Невидимые вышки на Арене Взрывная вечеринка, были исправлены 3) Визуальные правки
  3. * 0.9.7

    1) Todos os jogadores do servidor da Ásia são transferidos para servidor Europeu. 2) Torres invisíveis na Arena "Festa Bang-bang" foram consertadas. 3) Problema visual ajustado.
  4. * 0.9.7

    1) Todos los jugadores del servidor de la Asia son transferidos a Europa. 2) Las torres invisibles en la Arena "Bang-bang Fiesta" fueron arregladas. 3) Hecho ajustesen visuales con problemas.
  5. 0.9.7

    1) Tüm Asya sunucusundaki oyuncular Avrupa suncusuna transfer edilecek 2) Bang-Bang Parti Arenasındaki Görünmez Kuleler düzeltildi. 3) Görsel hatalar düzeltildi.
  6. 0.9.7

    1) All players from Asian server are transferred to Europe 2) Invisible towers in Bang-bang Party Arena were fixed 3) Visual bug fixes