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  1. A List of Bugs and Issues

    Hi, me again... I've some issues and bugs to tell: chests: If big chest (as example) is ready and it says: win in arena 5x and you won 4/5 but then recovery of middle chest gets ready all your progress on the big chest is lost. Thats very frustrating, it would be better if progress is saved or much better would be if you started a progress on a chest it will not be blocked by smaller chests recovering at all. A quest where you have to steal Aqvium for specific hero does not count arena fights anymore only planet invasion, which is very frustrating when you just invaded 3x and have to wait nearly an hour and when its 5000 Aqvium for example and you only get planets with 1100 or lower you wait and play more than 2 hours just to unlock the chest. It'd be easier and less frustrating if arena's Aqvium with this hereo would also count. Connection Lost/ Invade: Had some big lacks last two weeks, played in another location with another ISP and same connection loss occurred. When it was in the beginning everywhere, it was a bit after not in arena battle anymore but everytime connecting to an arena or a planetinvasion. Now connection problems to these parts of the game got less but i very often loose connection while invading a planet. Screen doesn't move, i can move but can't attack. Then Invasion is canceled, returning to my planet but 1 ticket for invasion is gone- frustrating. When Screen freezes while invasion (playing with Akia) i had a Yoji Symbol with flag from Turtle arena on the top-right. I'm trying to get a screenshot of that. Arena Portal: Opening the Spell Section in arena portal esp.(or only) on Akia it occurs that one of the blue backgrounds/highlighting has offset. So far, thx for all the work.. Yours, Dominik
  2. 1.0.0

    1) 9 Brand new Epic Spells. Hurry up to learn them. 2) 7 Epic skins for all heroes with20% discount till August. 3) 2 New Chests were added to the Store. 4) Tutorial Improvement. 5) Bug fixes