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  1. Ok first about the Battle Royale i think Lamia has way too much advantage because she can damage other players even if there is a wall between them. One solution can be decreasing the dmg 30% if there is obsticle between her and the enemy. About the plague i think we need 1 min or maybe 90sec with no changes on the map and after that the plague can start. Also we need that is some party tries to press start on battle royale with 2 same characters it gives error message please change characters. About my suggestion for new Arena, its has elements from the normal arena but also elements from the br becouse many people can participate at once. The idea is that 16 teams can be signed up at total (1 team can have at most 3 players). And then matching is done between the teams and the first 8 matches start. One match is battle like the one we had at the begining of the game( Small arena 3 vs 3 where the winner is the first one to get 10 kills). After the first matches only 8 teams remains and the next 4 matches start until there is only 1 team left. The winning team can have some special reward like in battle royale. Reasons why i think this game mode can help the game: - If players want to play versus many others teams but they dont want to be against 38 people at the same time they can chose mini-tournament - Also there is the tornament feeling that i think makes the game more fun - And i think the most important is that this game modecan be reused for real tournaments in feature. Last tournament i fell like the developers had a lot of manual work and with some changes in the mode we can have fully automatic tournament ( for example the starting teams are 32 , 2 teams after matching will play 3 random arenas and the team with better score continues). And about the matching how will it be made? - I suggest inserting a battle power [bp] (and planet power - will talk later) foreach player. Every lvl of the spells increases the bp for 1, each unlocked character increases the bp + 10, every league increases the bp for +5 (for example bronze IIIgives +5 bp and silver I + 30 ) , and + 1 bp for each rank in guild ( novice, private , corporal ....). So the starting players will have 30 bp from 3 character + 15 bp for the lvl 1 spells + 5 bp from bronze III that is 50bp in total and for example of player with 10 character and big lvl of spells he will have 250-300 bp so when searching in arena they can never be in same match becouse the diference of their bp is more than 100. This bp system can be used for matching in mini-tournament mode and real torunament but extended in teams (for example if player1 in the team have 200bp player2 250bp and player3 80bp (530bp in total) they can be matched with team for example (player 1 400bp, player2 70bp player 3 80bp (550bp in total) but there will be no chance that they get matched with team (player 1 100bp player 2 80 bp and player3 110 bp (total 290bp) because the differecent is 200+ bp. And the last ting is planet power [pp] whereeach lvl of the buildings on the planet increases the pp for 1. So for beginers they have 5 or 6 buildings lvl 1 so their pp is 6 and players with pp 50+ cannot attack their planet and also they cannot attack strong players because they will lose. So this will make the planet attacking system chose similar players. And one plus for begginer can be that until you make30pp you can attack only bots that are easy to invade and get good amount of aqvium (5k + each run) so they can start faster and not fear that their aqvium will be stolen from more expirienced players.