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  1. Tournament schedule

    The 1st Tournament match is gonna start today (Saturday, 2nd September), 11:00 AM GMT⏰, on West Europe. nicho, katanar, Tester are playing against raz, totaly not G, uncwz West Europe tournament schedule North America tournament schedule If you've registered for the participation in the Tournament, check the time you're playing and be at least 5 minutes before your match starts. If somebody doesn't show up, the player will be replaced. That means all players who aren't registered for the Tournament have a chance to participate as well. Join the Discord channel for better Tournament cooperation The Tournament will be streamed on our official Twitch English) Russia) See you in Arenas!
  2. PvD : Players vs. Developers. Match 1

    Hi, everyone. Thank you for this FANTASTIC day and good participation. Here are the codes for players, who played with us today: Europe: MerueN – play23we1 nicho – play23we2 Roman – play23we3 Destroyer – play23we4 North America: kiritoGamer – play23we1 Shibaku – play23we2 jairo – play23we3 Athalwolf – play23we4 JIN SOUZA – play23we5 veravARA – play23we6 GALLONTRICK – play23we7 Wuaksuo – play23we8 Adrian elias – play23we9 If someone has no clue what I'm talking about, you can read it here Thank again, and see you next week. Be prepared
  3. Сегодня (Воскресенье) мы устраиваем серию товарищеских матчей против разработчиков🎮🕹️🎲Для Европейского сервера время начала - 4pm UTC⏰Для Американского сервера время начала - 6pm UTC⏰ Чтобы принять участие, просто зайдите вовремя в игру, и ждите приглашения от гильдии разработчиков - unnyworld, в глобальном чате. Те из вас, кто еще не начинал играть в UnnyWorld, но хотят поучаствовать, пожалуйста, перейдите по ссылке и выберите любой из предоставленных способов запустить игру -> 👍👍👍 Надеемся встретиться с вами сегодня на Аренах 🎖️🏆🏅🥇🥈🥉
  4. Sunday match against developers

    Folks, today (Sunday) we’re holding a series of warmup matches: players vs developers.🎮🕹️🎲 For the European server this starts at 4pm UTC⏰ For the American server this starts at 6pm UTC⏰ In order to participate just be on time, playing UnnyWorld and wait for the invitation in the Global chat from unnyworld guild. If you haven’t started playing UnnyWorld, but still wanna try, here you find all possible links to start playing it -> 👍👍👍 Hope to see you Today in the Arena🎖️🏆🏅🥇🥈🥉