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  1. About guilds

    Hi, Could you make an update to share the guild authority? For instance: Leader >Vice leader > Captain > Veteran
  2. Unny Zetsubou

    Hi all, We are a level 9 guild on the EU server. Mostly English speaking but accepting anyone who can speak English. Also we speak many languages. So, you can speak your own language freely. We are friendly and will be involved in all aspects of the game whether it be PvE, PvP or what will come. If you are interested in joining please visit the game and make a quick application. You can speak to myself in game. Any questions please fire away! Look forward to seeing you in game! - Cloud Senpai Guild Name: Zetsubou Region: Europe Level:9 Zetsubou of UnnyWorld social media links
  3. Skin guild etc ...

    I ask you if possible to put skin for guild and emblem of the guild would be nice, sorry if I am demanding of more
  4. Recruiting members

    Dominating is recruiting new members, so if you're looking for an active guild, you can stop looking now ^^. We're a level 3 guild, and all our members are active. Every Sunday, members with 0 weekly guild experience get kicked, so there's always place for new members who do contribute. We have daily guild parties and your experience or league doesn't matter.
  5. Excitement & Friends

    Looking to make as many friends as possible. Saving up for a guild ASAP. DM me and I'll friend you all :))
  6. Accepting all members

    I'm making a guild and everyone's invited! Just reply here or send me a DM we'll all be having lots of fun I'm sure of it Also let me know which server you play on most, thanks!
  7. Guild Name

    Hi, Can we change the guild name?
  8. Guild Search

    Hi, I'm looking an active guild. Nickname: CloudSenpai League: Gold 2 Thank you.
  9. LFM | Making a Team

    HELLO UNNYHOG FORUMS Hello all you lovely people, my name is McSkinnerOG or Skinny for short. I have come to the forums today to inform anyone who may have the interest of joining an active guild/ being part of a Team that is aiming for positions in tournaments/competitions that i pla to create exactly that. I have personally been playing UnnyWorld for about 2 months or so and i am constantly in the top 60 players on the leader-boards each week and i plan to gain positions quite quickly, "of course this all depends on who i can team/play with" Team name: TBA "To be announced/up for discussion" REQUIREMENTS: All are 100% Needed/ not optional Playtime: over 50hours "NO IF BUT OR MAYBE" Characters: If you use yoji as a main thats ok BUT, I use yoji as my main "basically learn a new hero please :3" Age: 18 and up "We plan to enter tournaments and competitions and as such you will need to be of legal age" VC PROGRAMS: Discord/Twitch desktop If you are interested hit me up on steam or ingame.
  10. Mural das vitórias

    Colem aqui os prints de suas vitórias.
  11. Lonca Rütbeleri

    Merhaba, Lonca rütbelerinin değişimi neye göre oluyor ve rütbe atlarken gereken limit nedir? Yani ER olmak için benden istediği katkı sınırını merak ediyorum. Biraz önce ER oldum ama bir üst seviye limitini, ne kadar katkı yapmam gerektiğini nasıl öğrenebilirim?
  12. Guild temple

    Гильдия templeприглашает активных игроков. Мы предлагаем:Сервер ЕвропаГильдия "русскоговорящих"2 уровень гильдии (6\20)Дружный коллектив.
  13. Join my guild

    Hello evryone. If you are an active player and you are searching for active guild feel free to join Rulers(englsih speaking guild).
  14. 0.8.6

    1) NEW Guild system. Earn experience for your guild to level it up and open different perks. 2) Prices for buildings and talents were changed 3) Bug fixes and improvements