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  1. Scroll Summon: quantity bug

    So I am farming the heck out of planet 2 & just letting my scrolls collect, however, I noticed that the scrolls I'm getting rewarded for my victory are not being added to my scroll count in summon tab of Heroes page. I've noticed this happen before when I was opening it right after I had just received a scroll but it wasn't showing & when I hit to 500 aqvium(spelling?) It still summoned it. However, I have not attempted to open these yet from the video. I have no clue how many scrolls I've gotten that it's not showing. In video you'll see quantity before battle, battle, reward, & quantity after battle. I was between customers at work in downtown when I recorded it so sorry for silence or other work noises. Until next time... Stay on Budget & Keep on Gaming! scroll_bug.mp4
  2. Stun Runes from Vengeance Levels

    Ever since the last update, Vengeance Normal, Hard, and Hell have been giving Stun runes instead of Vengeance runes.
  3. Arena is sometimes broken

    Sometimes (about every third time), if I want to make an arena fight, it comes no enemy and I cannot go out. I can close only the game and if I do this, the counter for the Task "Play Arena Battles" will be reset. It means, that I cannot complete it and cannot receive all rewards. There is a screenshot with the problem.
  4. Visual screen bug

    Umm what is happening i have this problem from a long time and now is getting annoying This hapens on my 2 displays: My old monitor:1920x1080 resolution build-in laptop display:1366x768 resolution VID_20180628_122354.mp4
  5. Bug Reveal

    Pressing the reveal button on any hero will show that there is no feature because the game does not have a boss available for the collection of this feature but this is correct but the bug happens after the option buttons disappear along with the auto cast options and the reward screen gets a little dark.and the old bug reappears.
  6. New tutorial bug

    the button did not appear at the time of the tutorial, but I clicked on the field and counted as if the button was there.
  7. Eu fui em algumas invasões e vejo algunsjogadores usando o portão com uma montanha no meio, eo jogador fica impossibilitado de atacar o centro só com o uso de magias a longa distancia ou em área para dardanono portão. espero que isso nãovenha acontecer pois a invasão o único objetivo é mostrar ao jogador que ele tem umplaneta para proteger como se fosse um tesouro pois todos buscam recursos .
  8. gostaria de saber como consigo mover esse portão pro lugar certo, ele n quer mover mais, toda vez q seleciono ele a marca de seleção verde vai pra bomba, alguem sabe como resolver isso?
  9. I am a south asia server player when v1.1.0 my Magic Mine is LV6 but when v1.1.1 update my Magic Mine is in the upgrade to Lv6 and the upgrade is stopped at 1d12h my 1 builder is occupied forever! and theproblem about thebuilder is a common case my friend'sbuilder can't complete building either
  10. PvD winning no gems

    I just participated PvD on Asia server, and i think i won 4 games. Usually the gem appears on town hall after winning but it didn't, so I didn't get 400 gems off it but none. Is this related to transfer? because my friend MajorBonkers received his gems. Please have a look on it thank you very much.
  11. [Report] Important Bug

    LIST OF IMPOTANT BUG NEED TO FIX 1.Builder not work Here you can see my building upgrade time is stuck in 17 hours.I've upgraded from yesterday,but they stuck in 17 hours. 2.No Guildmates and Friend Online When You Trying to Invite Them to Party In first image you can see my Guildmates is online.But in second image they say no "No Friends Online" and blank for Guildmates.
  12. Ever since I transferred from NA to Asia server as Platinum 3, I've never gotten a promotion even though I stayed at top 3. The first week gave me a promotion from Platinum 3 to Platinum 3 which I was already in that tier, so I ignored it because I thought it was just a transfer bug. But then after this Monday, I got the same promotion message again saying I got to Platinum 3, so I was stuck in there forever. This also happens to other people. I should be in Platinum 1 by now instead I'm still staying in Platinum 3... Another thing is the friend list bug,friend list was never working since I transferred. I could party with a friend but the friend wasn't shown as Online but Offline. Can confirmed other people also have this bug. The only way that I can see people being online is the guild list, as it is working normally. Please fix and thank you.
  13. Тук, тук.

    В общем, сегодня такое уже случилось 2 раза. Стоя на границе чужой пушки я люблю постреливать в героев и выбегать, давая крипам подойти к башне. Но в этот раз не получилось) Чужая пушка стреляла в меня даже под моей пушкой, пока не убила.
  14. epic chest - epic fail

    First of all i believe the epic chest i just purchased did not deliver the quantities promised .. i have only been playing for 3 days so i still have locked characters which makes it hard to get an exact count on the normal and rare scrolls but the epics Ican say definitively that i only received 4. the normal scrolls i estimate around 120 .. unnycoins, exactly 40. from a 'user experience' viewpoint, if i had known what to expect from the epic chest, i never would have purchased it. I certainly will not be purchasing another! Honestly, why would i want 58 scrolls for 1 spell that i never use on a character i dont like to play? I would have been much better off speeding up access tochest quests. As a fellow programmer i would like to suggest an alternate interface for the chest .. when the chest opens the scrolls remain inside exposed end first (like a bouquet of flowers). then each click can extract and reveal a scroll with a quantity based on the level of the spells associated alter. that way newer players will get a broader selection of spell and more advanced players will get higher quantities needed for upper level advancement. over all the game is enjoyable but as a developer the last thing you want is for a player to spend money then feel immediately disappointed, which was exactly my experience with the epic chest.
  15. Тук, тук.

    Пропадают беджики. После тренировки со своей базой: 1) Она остаётся сломанной. 2) Перестаёт работать кнопка "В бой" Помогает только перезапуск.
  16. Bug tonco de arvore Não ataca a torre

    venho prestando atenção que os troncos de arvores com poucas folhas, não atacam a prefeitura somente os troncos que tem folhas atacam, quando os troncos de arvores com poucasfolhas chegam a um certo lugar eles não reagem porem ao jogar de lane quando eu uso o skill que joga os oponentes ele reagem e atacam a prefeitura. Obrigado pela atenção aos jogadores =)
  17. Bug Navio Lvl 3 Missão

    Não concluiu a missão mesmo tendo navio lvl 3
  18. Não consigo jogar na arena,invadir e testar

    Já estou a uns dias sem meche por causa de um bug desconectando por causa dissemos não consigo batalhar
  19. bug nas conquistas

    apareceu que eu completei as conquistas sem eu ter nem completado ID: 4875
  20. Bug Nas Conquistas Fiz a conquista Avassalador, mas não consigo pegar a recompensa por conta de um bug.
  21. bug baú sumiu

    minha conta bugou enquanto eu jogava ai eu forcei o o fechamento do jogo eu tinha colocado para pegar o bau quando eu voltei não tinha mais bau sumiu do nada me ajudem.
  22. bug desconectado na sala

    Eu não consigo jogar em nenhuma fase, eu ia fazer a missão desse baú ID 4875
  23. Gate Bug/ NPC? & Arena Selection

    Hey devs 1st: Gate bug: I stand in the shooting range of the enemy gates and found enemy'sfireballs shootingindirect at me (1 meter beside me/ the character also it was dealing damage that way) 2nd: NPC: I latelyexperienced that my allies move weirdly/ on rocket depot; in the 1st few second, one of my ally get stuck in our base wall? 2nd I stared as an ally spawn at base and starts with a mountain pattern before exiting the gate. ( The pattern was ^ or a upside down V, he/she spawned in the far left center before performing this pattern). 3rd: Arena Selection: Is there a chance we can pick our own choice of arena? There's both fun but it's extremely difficultwhen you can't complete a daily chest (always the "Achieve a flawless victory in Arena" there's no skipping this daily as its a pain to desperately get it. No achieve No unics.. its driving me crazy!!... spent 5 hours with no luck... pretty please I beg you..remove this daily quest..its average to achieve in the low levels but here in the high level its impossible).<-- If he was red, this makes things easier.
  24. Builder missing after update

    After the update a builder is missing. I had 3 of them.
  25. Gates lvl 3 achievement bug

    Ok I have upgraded the gates to lvl 3. And i also did it with all 3 but the achievement was not triggered. Greetings pyro