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  1. Morte instantânea Arena

    Bom dia, segue em anexo o vídeo do bug de morte instantânea na arena que está ocorrendo recentemente. bugArena.mp4
  2. 4 Kasım PvD Eşleşmeleri

    Yine ve yeni bir eşleşme günüyle karşınızdayız! Bugün Türkiye saatiyle 15:00'da PvD karşılaşması yapılacaktır. Yayını izlemek için aşağıdaki link ile takip edebilir ve yayın saatinde de oyunlara katılıp, gücünüzü gösterebilirsiniz. İzlemek için: Birkaç basit meseleden debahsedelim: 1-) Eşleşmeler her bölgede ayrı ayrı yapılmaktadır. 2-) Oyunlara katılmak için 'chat' sayfasında yayınlanacak olan oyun paylaşımına 'katıl' diyerek katılabilirsiniz. 3-) Oyunculardan farklı karakterler seçmesi beklenmektedir. Yani 3 Akia yerine 3 farklı karakterle güçlerinizi birleştirmek çok daha uygun olacaktır. 4-) Kazanan oyuncular 'gem' ile ödüllendirilecek ve oyun içi mail yoluyla teslim edilecektir. Görüşmek üzere!
  3. Arena Gameplay Problem

    Hi, Anyone has problem with arena? When i entered arena with any character, game crashes and closing. I have reinstalled the game. Please can someone help?
  4. Gate Bug/ NPC? & Arena Selection

    Hey devs 1st: Gate bug: I stand in the shooting range of the enemy gates and found enemy'sfireballs shootingindirect at me (1 meter beside me/ the character also it was dealing damage that way) 2nd: NPC: I latelyexperienced that my allies move weirdly/ on rocket depot; in the 1st few second, one of my ally get stuck in our base wall? 2nd I stared as an ally spawn at base and starts with a mountain pattern before exiting the gate. ( The pattern was ^ or a upside down V, he/she spawned in the far left center before performing this pattern). 3rd: Arena Selection: Is there a chance we can pick our own choice of arena? There's both fun but it's extremely difficultwhen you can't complete a daily chest (always the "Achieve a flawless victory in Arena" there's no skipping this daily as its a pain to desperately get it. No achieve No unics.. its driving me crazy!!... spent 5 hours with no luck... pretty please I beg you..remove this daily quest..its average to achieve in the low levels but here in the high level its impossible).<-- If he was red, this makes things easier.
  5. Сегодня (Воскресенье) мы устраиваем серию товарищеских матчей против разработчиков🎮🕹️🎲Для Европейского сервера время начала - 4pm UTC⏰Для Американского сервера время начала - 6pm UTC⏰ Чтобы принять участие, просто зайдите вовремя в игру, и ждите приглашения от гильдии разработчиков - unnyworld, в глобальном чате. Те из вас, кто еще не начинал играть в UnnyWorld, но хотят поучаствовать, пожалуйста, перейдите по ссылке и выберите любой из предоставленных способов запустить игру -> 👍👍👍 Надеемся встретиться с вами сегодня на Аренах 🎖️🏆🏅🥇🥈🥉
  6. Sunday match against developers

    Folks, today (Sunday) we’re holding a series of warmup matches: players vs developers.🎮🕹️🎲 For the European server this starts at 4pm UTC⏰ For the American server this starts at 6pm UTC⏰ In order to participate just be on time, playing UnnyWorld and wait for the invitation in the Global chat from unnyworld guild. If you haven’t started playing UnnyWorld, but still wanna try, here you find all possible links to start playing it -> 👍👍👍 Hope to see you Today in the Arena🎖️🏆🏅🥇🥈🥉
  7. 0.9.6

    1 Added defense towers 2 Bang-bang Party Arena was rebalanced 3 Yoji spell visual effects were improved 4 General bug fixes and game optimizations 5 Added emoji for Arena 6 Added Spanish localization
  8. Problems arena

    i join in arena to play i walk but stop game and restart any place other
  9. Bugs

    Hello, there is a bug that you can't use portal, and Lane using "underground tunnel" can't go through gates, and i don't know if it's a bug but Lane has unlimited cooldown at his double shot talent.
  10. 0.8.5

    1. New arena - Train Arena! Upgrade Arena Portal to level 2 to unlock it. There are 2 Keepers in the Arena. Your goal is to destroy the Enemy's Keeper and protect yours. You can damage the Keeper using spells, but the most effective way is to capture carts, which carries rockets. If You deliver a cart to the Launch point, it'll make enormous damage to the Keeper. 2. Improved animations for Lane and Isna. 3. Optimize code. 4. Minor text and bug fixed.
  11. Arena Problem

    Everytime i go to the Arena and it starts. I can only see all my Allies standingnear me but they don't move. I can see their attack animations and the projectiles that are being fired even enemy projectiles but nothing else but me appear to move on my screen except me :(. Then i take some damage after a while and die. Then after i die it wont let me ressurect.
  12. New arena

    We're preparing a new type of the arenas for you. It's a deathmatch arena which fits 6 players maximum. The rules are simple: kill as many creatures as possible. This is how it will look like in the game. There is one feature, concerning arenas we will bring to the game shortly, but I'' keep it a secret... Find out playing UnnyWorld