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  1. Баг улучшения постройки

    Дело было на вторжении, вот такой баг увидела - врата не то 6, не то 7 уровень, показывает, что улучшается, и плюс оно еще мерцает-движется, а не статично стоит.
  2. Connection Error

    i play it on my pc and downloaded fromsteam, my exact location is Indonesia, Jakarta. my ISP is Core Mediatech. i never login to this game because it'salwayserror, untill i saw aplayer make report on this forum and got fixed by staff, so i hope theycould help me too
  3. Bugs :v?

    1.-Las imágenes hablan por si solas :v 2.-Esto pasa en la ''pantalla'' de logueo de steam ingreso y me sale que algo salió mal :v luego logeo con mi g-mail y entra :v
  4. Soy millonario!

    Mis cristales quedaron en 99995 y quise presionar muchas veces el cristal magico para que me diera 5 de cristal rosa , también se presionaba la mina , se bugearon las texturas y decidímeterme al mundo :v y tomar una foto. También paso cuanto tire raicescon gaya, solo en las paredes, en las estructuras nada pasaba. (el termino de soy millonario , es porque el tamaño del cristal es inmenso , no porque me dio millones de cristales)
  5. Чат

    А что, собственно, с чатом? Ничего не помогает его восстановить, не позволяет ничего отправить, в другие чаты тоже не переходит. Перезаход не помогает. с Планшета та же проблема еще с вечера. + Пишет нет друзей и согильдийцев, хотя прямо сейчас 100% один друг и согильдиец в сети. ++когда соги вошел в пати не могу выйти из нее кликнув на себя, только через гильдейскую вкладку, приглашала в пати точно так же. у согильдейца все так же. +++ новая ошибка и не показывает вкладки статистики ( игроки и гильдии ) ++++не пускает уже на вторжение пишет ошибку такую же
  6. I lost my founder's pack

    After game update, my founder's pack lost and all characters locked againt, how i get it back?
  7. Ошибка после вторжения

    И что это? После вторжение на экране загрузки показало ошибку.
  8. No me llega la confirmación del correo

    Buenas llevo varios Días intentando confirma el correo pero no me llega el mensaje, busco en todos lados y no me sale. ¿Tiene problemas esto?
  9. reconpensa

    el que me siga entro su codigo
  10. This is just a copy paste from a post I made in another thread, but it really needed its own. Some of these have bug reports mixed in with them but I tried to word them in a way that could still be understood. Please read the "Possible solution..." and "Battle Royale" sections at the very least ==Towers== This is just an annoyance when attempting to place a tower. When I'm moving,while selecting a tile for tower placement, sometimes when I try to click the greenbuttonthe selected tile will change, moving the buttons with it. Thissometimes selectsan unusable tile, forcing me to move againwhile alsostrugglingto press the correct buttons. This wouldn't ordinarily be a problem, howevertile selection tends tovary and have a mind of it's own... It's a little complicated to explain and isn't always an issue, just that it will occasionally cost me afight and makes me feel like a noob. ==Traps== >A.Trapdirectional placements took a while for me to understand (I still haven't figured out how to change trap facement on home planet if it's even possible). From my experience theyseem to change depending on several factors, ranging from your location on the planet to your camera's direction which changes as you travel along the globe. This is very noticeable when trying to set up a trampoline with other traps, since they don't always line up.I still don't fully understand the mechanics behind all this, and more specifically, why traps placed in one direction willsometimes line up with other traps but then other times they won't at all (my best guessbeingthe shape and/or layout ofthe tiles causes this to happen). >B.Placing traps with tactical precisionduring combat can be a paindue toauto attacks changing the way your character is facing, whichchangesthe location and direction it faces on the tile. This wouldn'tbe a problem either, however I usually find it difficult or just plain impossibleto cancel auto attacks. Clicking empty space doesn't always work which makes me wonder if I'm doing it wrong.>.< ==Skills== Sometimes skill casts are unresponsive and fail to cast.I made sure they have charges, are not on cooldown, and the drawpattern shows the correct color; they just sometimes don't want to cast unless I draw the pattern several times. I haven't noticed a specific cause but it's usually more common during combat, especially when I'm under damage over time effects. >With that said,I understand some of these things are probably intentional, or that a solution maynot be feasible. I also should add that some of those issues I mentioned mayjustbeplayer erroron my partand possibly related to mynot-so-great internet connection. I'm not trying to complain and I hope it doesn't seem that way... I just wantto help improve the game by bringing up potential bugs and mechanics that seem less than ideal to me. ==Possible solution for the tower placement mechanics== Make it so when you click the tower/trap from hotbar, the highlighted tilefollows the mouse around the player (and for mobile alternative, you would tap thehotbarthen touchand hold to select desired location), no further than the tiles directly beside the player tile, and once you release the mouse button (or lift your finger) the item is placed. Itcouldbe canceled by right clicking as long as left click is still held (or tapping a second finger next to the other before lifting). Keep in mind this could also work with all traps, too. If this idea was implemented I feel like it would potentially make combat feel more intense and less clunky while greatly improving the user experience in Battle Royale. One final set of ideas for Battle Royale Similar to the random arena queue, create alternate maps and have them chosen randomly to spice things up. Each map would havea different layoutandfeatures that are unique to each one. >A few examples being: -Winter, Forest, and/or Swampmap skins. The more the merrier. -A blizzard or snowstorm thatformson a random locationwhich would dealminor damage over time, whileslowingand periodically freezinganyone inside. -Scattered mob camps that could drop special loot. Special loot could be unique powers/abilities that anyone can use (could be cast by drawing a circle, triangle, Z shape, or just add buttons) A buff that empowers your next few auto attacks in various ways. For example:attack 2 targets at once (will automatically attack the closet enemy to your target if in range), every other auto attack will stun the target for 1 second, your attacks pierce all incoming attacks, and/or attacks will explode on impact dealing aoe damage. Chance for bonus crystals, unnycoins, gems, chests, or even lootthat can be used on your home planet like decorations, toys, etc. -Aworld boss event (this is a big one), that when spawned (say 2 minutes into the match, or randomly within the first 3 or sominutes)would create an alliance zone around it (aka a PvEzone) which would consist of an innerand outer circle. Anyone who enters the zone would become temporary allies as long as the zoneremains active, unlessthe player leaves the zonefor a set time. The outer circle would act as a space for players to gather and prepare, and once a player enters the inner circle, the boss will begin combat and attack anyoneinside the innercircle. Players inside the zone are immune to all damage and effects from players outside the zone, and vice-versa. The boss willretreat if it remains out of combat for 2 minutes after spawning, even if there are players in the outer circle; this will preventplayers from abusingthe circle to avoid PvP for too long. Attacking the boss will grant players a contribution score based on the total damage dealt as well as any healing done; the contribution score is shared with your partner if present. This scorewill be used to determine the reward, andmarks you as a participant inthe fight. Players killed by the boss would remain in a downed statewithout a death/resurrection timeruntilthe bossretreats or is defeated. If the boss is defeated, retreats, or defeats all participants, then an"Alliance over! PvPresumes in..." countdown would start, and all participants would receive a temporary speed buff to helpspread out. If the boss is defeated, allparticipants still inside the circlewould beresurrected, receive full health and gain a unique buff/perk/etc based on the player andpartner's combined contribution to the boss. If all participants are defeated or leave the zone for too long, the boss will retreat and all downed players will be resurrected withhalf health, followed by the "Alliance over" + speed buff scenario. Any player with contribution who leaves the zone will have 5 seconds to return, or they forfeit the alliance and lose their contribution. The boss should be very powerful; maybe give it a 1 hit KO area attack, a strong knockback cleave, maybe analmost-1-hit KO auto attacks that hits a different target every time... I havelots of ideas, just trying to keep the list short. All players inthe alliance should be able to heal each other if they havehealing abilities. These ideas are still just a work in progress but I hope the developers can possibly make something fun with them.
  11. Диспел Акии

    Не снимает неуязвимость форги, не освобождает если тебя приморозила к полу исна - он на что-нибудь работает?
  12. Faltan cristales

    Buenos Dias. Ayer por la noche tenia + 340k cristales, por la mañana tengo 308k y solo me han invadido aiwin y freak llevando +1k cristales cada uno....... Se evaporan?
  13. Баг со ставками

    Решите баг, я не могу создать бой на аквиум,юнники или гемы. При увеличении ставки число не растёт. 7 лвл Ратуши.
  14. Bug Invadir

  15. not very Sudden Attack

    It stayed and dealt damage if stood upon during the whole match.
  16. Yoji ult

    First I didn't pay attention, but now I know for sure that wasn't a missclick - sometime Yoji's Rebirth ult triggers when u press other spell buttons rather than use right mouse click on PC. (Сначала думал, что неправильно нажимаю, но теперь уверен - иногда ульт Ежа с Воскрешением активируется при нажатии других кнопок заклинаний на компьютере).
  17. arena search cancel bug

    So the way this bug works is if you are queuing for a match and your friend invites you and you accept it does not cancel yr search and you end up joining that match even though yr friend joined yr party... also tried canceling the search then accepting invite, canceling both invite and match and then invite my friend to party but all result in me entering the match (the one i searched for solo) without my party oh also it sometimes shows the error message when you try to cancel the match search after you accept the invite
  18. Баги с планетой и ожиданием

    1. Не ставится ограда нигде. Пишет что то на английском, лопата забирается, а ограды нет. Оград 18/45 так что не лимит. 2. Если до последней обновы, если сразу после входа открывать сундук/ставить на прокачку какой то навык, игра "грузила" действие бесконечно, и помогало только перезайти в игру. То после обновления так же происходит и с вторжениями. Если сразу заходишь и идешь на вторжение то игра грузит и приходится перезаходить. 3. Захожу в игру, вижу иконку "починить использованные ловушки", не понимаю почему не высветилось окошко "На вас напали" , нажимаю "восстановить ловушки". Аквиум используется, а ловушки не восстанавливаются, иконка востановления ловушек так и висит. Пару раз так сделав, перезахожу в игру. Аквиум не восстановился, ловушки не починились, и наконецто высветилось окошко "на вас напали", только тогда ловушки с первого раза починились.
  19. Обратная атака

    Когда жмешь "Отомстить", посылает на планету к случайному человеку. После выхода можно снова нажать на "Отомстить", и тогда уже пошлет к тому, кто нападал на тебя.
  20. Battle Royale bugs

    Last two left in BR and game never ended, several bugs occurred afterward. Did not receive rewards for the match. Battle Royale bugs that are currently an issue: >sometimes game never ends after defeating the last remaining players and match continues indefinitely >after winning a BR match, you can't return to lobby unless you restart the game (not sure if PC/mac only issue) >some players appear to be able to resurrect teammates without being interrupted when hit >some players appear to be able to walk through certain terrain that should be impassable (I could not walk through it after seeing someone else doit multiple times) >bots(?) will sometimes walk into collapsed terrain >bots(?) are like item sponges and pick up numerous items in an instant, preventing ally player from getting any of them >bots(?) tend to stick to terrain anddie to plague, leaving most loot inaccessible, or theybecome loot pinatas >bots(?) sometimes attack you from way off screen, for example a Forga snipe ult from off screen can be extremely terrifying. Another example being when Lane uses abilities from off screen and interrupts your healing >many basic attacks never connect and get absorbed by opposing player basic attacks or sometimes just doesn't tick the damage after hitting >Lane's basic attacks are terrifying and have seemingly long range (?) I understand some of these may not be bugs and may in-fact be intentional, but I am simply reporting some issues that I think make the game appear somewhat "clunky" or less appealing to new players. With all of this said, I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH! Thank you developers for this amazing game and I hope you guys have a wonderful future ahead of you! In-game name: Mootie
  21. Баг ожидания арены

    После обновления после каждого боя вот такое. При нажатии крестика(выхода в главное меню) - звук идет а экран черный. Помогает только перезапуск игры.
  22. Не заходит в игру

    Два боя подряд на арене просто вылетает на главный экран пати, потом вылетает игра полностью, загружаю опять - пишет "обновление доступно, загрузите в плей маркете". Захожу в плей маркет - а так нет обновления. А только кнопка "Открыть". Что делать? Вот прям только что случилось.
  23. BR

    Was playing Yoji on BR, finished being first, watched the stats, then it didn't return to the planet after pressing x. Играл за Ежа на БР, закончил на первом месте, глянул статистику, после чего нажатие на крестик не вернуло на планету.
  24. Баги после обновы

    Было затемнение после победы и вылет в меню. У всех. Оптимизации не заметил. Мне кажется или стало только красивее на низких настройках? Моему слабому ноуту это не нрав)
  25. Bug Battle Royale/win

    Estaba jugando con mi amigo y gane la partida de battle royale , pero nada sucedia , estabamos el y yo por el mapa caminandohasta que se redujo lo maximo el mapa , la solucion fue que mi amigo se se suicidara, y yo quede victorioso ,el no. También al ganar los resultados se bugearon.