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  1. 0.9.0

    Веснав UnnyWorld привноситбольшое обновление в геймплее! 1. Изменена базовая атака героя:все герои автоматически атакуют цель. Нужно просто, первым выстрелом базовой атаки зафиксироватьцель (под врагом появится красный кружок), все последующие использования базовой атаки, будут наносить урон именно этому врагу, пока цель не будет сменена на другого противника или он не выйдет из зоны действия спела. Так вы сможете больше уделять внимания более мощным заклинаниям. 2. Время изучения всех талантов было уменьшено. 3. Все герои были перебалансированы. 4. Ново прибывшие игроки встретят абсолютно новый туториал, а также, ненадолго встретятся с главным злодеем. 5. Изменено расположение зданий в городе на Планете. Мы планируем ввести кардинальные изменения в геймплей Атаки на Планету и дать игрока возможность менять свою планету по своему усмотрению. 6. Уменьшено кол-во опыта (experience), требуемого для повышения уровня Гильдии. 7. Уменьшены цены на Зеленые кристаллы. Теперь вы можете разбогатеть, заплатив меньше Приятной игры!
  2. 0.9.0

    Spring is coming. A huge update! 1. Changed the base attack of the heroes. Now all heroes automatically attack a target. You just need to select a target and control all other spells. 2. Research time for all talents was decreased. 3. Rebalance of all heroes. 4. Brand new tutorial. 5. Your planet was changed. We are going to radically change the Attack system and give all players the ability to change the landscape. This was the first step to our goal. 6. Reduced the amount of experience required to increase the level of the Guild. 7. Reduced prices for Crystals. Now you can pay less and become rich in the game.
  3. 0.8.8

    1. New Hero : Forga Forga race is known across UnnyWorld as the best hunters. Their precision and high ranging skills made Forga dangerous enemies for those who approach their lands. To unlock Forga you need to upgrade Barracks to lvl 3, and then learn unlocking talent in Morth's talent tree. 2. New league was added:Platinum 3. Barracks lvl cap is 6 now 4. Minor text and bug fixes
  4. 0.8.6

    1) NEW Guild system. Earn experience for your guild to level it up and open different perks. 2) Prices for buildings and talents were changed 3) Bug fixes and improvements
  5. 0.8.5

    1. New arena - Train Arena! Upgrade Arena Portal to level 2 to unlock it. There are 2 Keepers in the Arena. Your goal is to destroy the Enemy's Keeper and protect yours. You can damage the Keeper using spells, but the most effective way is to capture carts, which carries rockets. If You deliver a cart to the Launch point, it'll make enormous damage to the Keeper. 2. Improved animations for Lane and Isna. 3. Optimize code. 4. Minor text and bug fixed.
  6. 0.8.4

    1. New Hero : Isna. The Isna's weapons are ice and cold. Isna mages might look fragile, but they can freeze their enemies and summon a powerful snowstorm. Isna is a great support mage, so they prefer to fight together with powerful attackers. To open Isna you need to upgrade your Water Altar to level 3, and then open the talent in Akia's talent tree. 2. Water Altar level cap is 6 now. 3. Changes in abilities: Yoji a. Fire Wall – upgrade duration from 0.3s to 0.5s b. Fire Wave – base damage was changed from 175 to 200 c. Mortar – upgrade damage from 5 to 10 d. Fire Beam – decrease upgrade damage from 10 to 5 Akia a. Wave Form – upgrade base damage/heal from 100/100 to 120/120 b. Cleanse – upgrade cooldown decrease 0.3s to 2s c. Cloud – upgrade duration 0.3s to 0.5s d. Cloud – decrease effect from 3% to 2.5% e. Water Bubble – upgrade duration 0.3s to 0.5s Motrh a. Sudden Attack – upgrade base damage from 90 to 120 b. Somersault – upgrade cooldown from 0.5s to 1s c. Stealth Master – upgrade effect from 0.5s to 1s d. Blade Dance – upgrade duration from 0.3s to 0.5s Lane a. Earth Fall – decrease base damage from 250 to 200 b. Earth Loosen - decrease base damage from 100 to 75
  7. 0.8.3

    1) NEW HERO : Lane - the Earth mage Wandering through the deserted planets, Lane has mastered the destructive power of Earth. His talents allow to change the combat from defense to attack right away, leaving enemies no chance. 2) Happy st. Valentine's day meets you in Arena with a new skin. 3) Crash fix when you are trying to build the Arena Portal in tutorial
  8. 0.8.2

    1. Happy st. Valentine Day! Get new skins for your characters and the Planet. Made with love. 2. Changed the award system from arena battle. Now, you can get stones from each battle: a. 2-3 stones for victory and 1 stone if you lose. b. 5 bonus chest per day for the victory are still in the game. 4. Spells Morth: a. Upgrade duration of Smoke Grenade spell was increased from 0.3s to 0.5s. b. Upgrade duration of Stealth spell was increased from 0.3s to 0.5s. c. Upgrade cooldown of Somersault spell was increased from 0.3s to 0.5s. 5. Spells Akia: a. Destiny Shield duration was increased from 6s to 8s. b. Water Shield duration was decreased from 10s to 8s. c. Upgrade duration of Water Bubble spell was increased from 0.3s to 0.5s. 6. Spells Yoji: a. Fire Shield duration was increased from 5s to 8s. And each upgrade was increased from 0.3s to 0.5s b. Upgrade duration of Boost spell was increased from 0.3s to 0.5s. 7. Code Optimization 8. Minor text and bug fixed
  9. 0.8.1

    1) Visual improvements for all planet skins We've added many funny animations for all assets. 2) Bug fixes and optimizations
  10. 0.8.0

    1) New Arena You can read more about it in our blog : 2) Mini-map 3) Characters & Abilities: Yoji a. Phoenix (Delay/Radius) 2 /10> 2.5/8 b. Fire Wave (Damage) 150 > 175 Akia a. Water Wave (Damage/Heal) 150/75 > 140/100 b. Wave Form (Damage/Heal) 100/100 > 120/120 c. WaterShield (Damage/Heal) 25/30 > 30/35 d. Water Bomb (Delay) 3 >2.5 e. Cloud (Damage/Slowdown) 40/25% > 50/35% f. Karma Shield (Duration) 5 > 6 Morth a. Judgment (Damage) 120 > 140 b. Somersault (Charges/Period) 2/1 > 1/2 c. Stealth2 (Time) 2 > 3
  11. 0.7.9

    1) Bug fixes 2) Now you can change your region in the game 3) Characters: a) Akia: Movement speed was increased by 20% Water Bomb Damage/Heal was increased from 250/150 to 400/300. b) Morth: Shadow attack damage was decreased.
  12. 0.7.8

    1) Leagues. Leagues will come with more convenient system to see your progress and with weekly tournaments and prizes. 2) Price and Storage capacity for Town hall were changed. 3) Spells: a) Slowdown from Cloud spell was decreased 60% -> 25% b) Phoenix doesn't reset your spells anymore.
  13. 0.7.6

    1) Daily quests 2) Talent window was fixed 3) Talent prices were re-balanced 4) Discounts for Christmas skins 5) Bug fixes 6) Introduction of new bugs
  14. 0.7.5

    1) You can have up to 3 characters now 2) Christmas skins for all characters 3) Christmas skin for the planet 4) During holidays Chests limit per day for Arenas will be increased to 6. 5) Small fixes: - Problem with Flag was fixed - Chat was improved - Bug with chests was fixed
  15. 0.7.0

    1) New spell system All spells were changed and re-balanced. The number of spells each character can use is now limited to 5, but you can change your build selecting favorite spells. 2) Performance improvements 3) Bug fixes 4) The game is live for PC :
  16. 0.5.1

    1) All your characters will start living on one planet, so you can grow many of them and switch between them very easily.
  17. 0.5.0

    1) Social networks. You can sign up using Facebook and GooglePlay to save you account, as well as use it on a different device. 2) Windows optimizations 3) Animations improvements for all characters
  18. 0.4.8

    1) Daily Quests 2) Deathmatch Arena 3) New formula for Medals and Crowns calculation 4) New formula for Guild Rating 5) Skins for the characters 6) Now you can exclude one of the Arenas you don't like 7) Bug fixes & Optimizations
  19. 0.4.5

    1) Optimizations 2) Chat improvements 3) Inventory and Store improvements 4) New Items for characters. 5) Bug fixes 6) Music for planet attack was added 7) Buildings balance was changed
  20. 0.4.0

    1) New models for all characters. We've been working on the characters a lot recently, and they are almost ready for you. For now you can take a sneak peak at them: 2) Planet attack mode. Now you can attack other players and steal their resources. From another hand you'll have to plan your defense to protect your home and resources. 3) Optimizations.
  21. 0.3.0

    1) Groups. You can invite your guildmates to join your group and then go to Arena together. 2) Sounds. All character now make different sounds while fighting. 3) Chat improvements.