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  1. Experiencia Negativa

    Ya he visto este bug repetidas veces, ayer el jugador "Nehui el orco" tenia alrededor de 2000 XP semanal, hoy tiene 355 (Como se ve en la imagen, perdio 1812 XP). Esto afecta tanto a la experiencia del clan como a la experiencia del Rango.
  2. Bug (Invasion)

    Aqui hay capturas de algunos bugs... En el vídeo se ve un bug en los cañones, y el bug de la puerta que mencione anteriormente. Unnyworld_31-07-2017_10-43-48_a.m..mp4
  3. Can't start Arena

    I can't start arena , everytime I press play it won't start player id : 51803 / server : euw
  4. Facebook GameRoom Arena bug

    Everytime i try go arena on Facebook Game room, the screen frozen so i need restart. Its making me lose 1 minute of battle every arena.
  5. Few bugs

    I found few bugs which sometimes apperad in battle. 1. Not ending circle. Spin in around and again... but restart helped, i meet it only once. 2. Repeat quite often, bots like stuck in this place and also on opposite side. 3. Crowd pick unfortunately game stuck on it, one of them(bot) figure dosen't display. 4. One of among achievement just deceive me Trust me i beat more foes carrying flags than zero. Screenshot 2 and 3 here: