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  1. Forum Translation Bug

    I noticed this bug after replying to a thread in the Russian forum. It seems that if you translate the page that some of the text is being cut off.I am worried that this may cause problems for people from other regions who might want to read and participate in the English forums, especially considering that all of the Discussion forum threads are in English. This may prevent them from understanding the context of the discussions and discourage them from giving us their feedback. Before: After:
  2. Bug nos baús (talvez)

    Prezados colegas, Os baús grandes parecem não estar mais dando moedas verdes. Não sei se é um bug ou se a última atualização retirou esta recompensa deste baú. Agradecido pela atenção, Maver
  3. bug not all 3 enter the arena

    is seeing a mistake not all players enter in the match sometimes one stays in the room while two goes in the arena meanwhile the individual who stayed out of the arena I think it stays in the room watching our characters who have already left
  4. Problems Loading

    The game seems to constantly get stuck in loading screens today, around every 1/4 planet invasions I get stuck on this screen and then have to exit out of the game and come back but every time I do that then I lose my chance to invade. If that wasn't bad enough, I am also constantly getting stuck on "connecting to server" when trying to reenter the game, sometimes I have to try reentering 4 or 5 times before I am finally able to get back in game again. I've lost at least 10 planet invasions today because of this issue.
  5. This is just a minor bug. The aqvium count is incorrecton the planet attack/defense list. However, I did receive the full 13,746 aqvium from the invasion, the count is just wrong North American server, iOS 11.1.2, ID:us-central 28367
  6. Играю с iPhone 5s. Игра частенько вылетает при игре за Дуара при использовании умения укрытие щитом. Так же вылетала, когда кто-то другой играл Дуаром
  7. gold bug bau

    I got the gold bau but at the time of opening the bau my internet fell and I did not win anything ID 4875
  8. The AI need be improve

    I feel our team's AI is more stupid than enemy team sometimes, they didn't occupy the stronghold . but enemy team always know to occupy this we need a more clever AI to realize players signal (like attack , back off, occupy) there is a bug about the AI sometimes turn around or silly standing but do nothing It's make me upset , cause the AI make the game lose and never communication
  9. Underground walk and Earth Worm removes all negative debuffs is not effective you can seemy debuffs is still working when I useunderground walk or earth worm
  10. Bug em troféu

    Olá! O troféu "Gostinho de Vitória" (nível 1) foi completado por mim e o jogo não ofereceu a opção de resgatar os prêmios por ele. Além disso o jogo não permite passar para o próximo level do troféu. Acredito que seja um bug. Obrigado pela atenção.
  11. Estava jogando com 2 amigos no jogo, quando um deles saiu da party, a arena não iniciava mais, mesmo com 2 jogadores. Somente saindo do jogo e voltando, perguntei se já aconteceu com mais alguém, e eles responderam que sim. Resumindo: Ao iniciar a party e colocar para carregar, quando um amigo sai do time, a arena não inicia mais, não sai e não é possível sair do menu. Somente quando saímos do jogo com algum comando externo.
  12. conquest with error

    ID 4875 I can not get the reward
  13. Я сталкиваюсь и этим багом уже давно и самое простое решение - побегать по своей планете(ударить своих же персонажей), а уже после идти на арену) Но лучше, если разработчики решат эту проблему! Буду рад, если помог кому то)
  14. energia insuficiente

    Eae Galera,esse errou ocorreu quando eu estava alterando alguns pontos do meu planeta, ao colocar algumas estradas ele me mostrou esse erro. Testei colocando uma de cada vez, ao chegar na terceira ele deu esse erro. O primeiro print é quando eu coloquei as 3 estradas de uma vez, o segundo print foi quando eu coloquei 2 estradas e na ultima deu o erro. Peço desculpas se esse erro ocorre devido a alguma informação que talvez eu não tenha observado. Desde já agradeço; ID: brazi 27389
  15. Редактор планет

    Что бы я не делал куда бы что не ставил При сохранении оно пишет therels no path и ничего не сохраняет вообще ничего даже камушек вполе любой
  16. Acc Problem

    Hi, How can ichange my account in game? Let's say i'm logging in with more than one account, but I can't do that. When i leave the game, the same account is logging in again. I mean, how do iplay with multiple accounts?
  17. Estou tentando logar na minha conta antiga pelo sistema de vinculo para carregar os dados da mesma, mas quando logo com email e senha nada acontece. Tenho o id de jogador email e os dados mas não sei exatamente onde ir para resolver esse problema, no facebook uma vez tive suport com o mesmo problema mas até agora nao tive resposta no facebook. Oque fazer .-.
  18. i can remove hallowen award

    Hello subj i removed lucas award and can more
  19. Leaderboard

    I noticed some flaws in the leaderboard. The place that is shown when you open the leaderboard don't always match your actual place For instance, it says I'm 53rd for Bang Bang party, but in face I'm 51st, and it says I'm 43rd with Akia but in face I'm 54th. It can't be that one updates faster than the other, because I went from 26th in total damage to 25th today and those 2 stats match with each other.
  20. Some bugs

    1.When I invade ,I can't move and the screen is enlarge or shrink but when I re log ,the bug is fix (time is running out) 2.The tower is collapse but the laser still attack me (no damage) 3.Allof obstacle can't block the projectile in arena sometimes It's happen sometimes but sometimes is normal (EX: one game is fine but the other matchwill happen this bug) @Pavel Ignatov
  21. Arena entering glitch

    Whenever i want to play in the arena I press play and it just gets me out of the game for no reason. Please fix this annoyng bug.
  22. Stuck on update screen

    I got stuck on the update screen today. I think my firewall was blocking networking is why. I disabled it but had to restart the game then I could update, so this should be low priority. Just wanted to let you know
  23. Profile

    Not really a bug, just an imperfection imo. Maybe it's an idea to make a second row of heroes in profile instead of placing him outside the blue box.
  24. Rank Button

    Hi, The "Rank" button doesn'tworkin the guild.I can change the ranking with other options; name, exp, pvp, pve... Video:Rank.mp4
  25. party enter arena bug

    sometimes I party with my twofriends but one of them enter the arena by himself (he played with 5 Bot) and we(two people) are still preparing the game. I sawothers face to this bug(This bug is rarely occur but need fix too)