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  1. Acc Problem

    Hi, How can ichange my account in game? Let's say i'm logging in with more than one account, but I can't do that. When i leave the game, the same account is logging in again. I mean, how do iplay with multiple accounts?
  2. i can remove hallowen award

    Hello subj i removed lucas award and can more
  3. Leaderboard

    I noticed some flaws in the leaderboard. The place that is shown when you open the leaderboard don't always match your actual place For instance, it says I'm 53rd for Bang Bang party, but in face I'm 51st, and it says I'm 43rd with Akia but in face I'm 54th. It can't be that one updates faster than the other, because I went from 26th in total damage to 25th today and those 2 stats match with each other.
  4. Some bugs

    1.When I invade ,I can't move and the screen is enlarge or shrink but when I re log ,the bug is fix (time is running out) 2.The tower is collapse but the laser still attack me (no damage) 3.Allof obstacle can't block the projectile in arena sometimes It's happen sometimes but sometimes is normal (EX: one game is fine but the other matchwill happen this bug) @Pavel Ignatov
  5. Arena entering glitch

    Whenever i want to play in the arena I press play and it just gets me out of the game for no reason. Please fix this annoyng bug.
  6. Stuck on update screen

    I got stuck on the update screen today. I think my firewall was blocking networking is why. I disabled it but had to restart the game then I could update, so this should be low priority. Just wanted to let you know
  7. Profile

    Not really a bug, just an imperfection imo. Maybe it's an idea to make a second row of heroes in profile instead of placing him outside the blue box.
  8. Rank Button

    Hi, The "Rank" button doesn'tworkin the guild.I can change the ranking with other options; name, exp, pvp, pve... Video:Rank.mp4
  9. party enter arena bug

    sometimes I party with my twofriends but one of them enter the arena by himself (he played with 5 Bot) and we(two people) are still preparing the game. I sawothers face to this bug(This bug is rarely occur but need fix too)
  10. Снова баг с переводом по лигам. Не занять топовое место.
  11. I often feel the connection is not stable in the game, whether there is a problem with the server yes or no I do not know when my internet connection is stable but when in the game often decrease. Here I just say it, thank you.
  12. Lane's earth warm bug

    like picture Lane's earth warm canattack the outpost tower but can't attack the main tower
  13. GG? Не запускается игра

    Выдает ошибку, всё на скрине
  14. The bot is stucked

    我玩乒乓球派對 ,我們隊的Morth被卡住,只是正常的攻擊空氣 所以我2V3,失去了遊戲, 這是一個壞的東西,損害我的遊戲體驗,讓我煩惱 如果有一個真正的球員和故意的行為遺漏(如Afk,飼料等) ,遊戲將需要一個系統關於報告 Btw自定義匹配需要一個隨機單位,以便下次與不同隊友的戰鬥
  15. Daily Quests

    Hi, Daily quests seems to have been completed, but there is more time.
  16. Chat icon

    Hi, There is always a notice in the upper left corner.
  17. Turtle Season

    Hi, Check this video please,there are too many bugs in the gamerecently. I sent a message again for another mistake the other day. Unnyworld 2017-10-29 14-57-55-31.mp4 And the result:
  18. Баги Дуара

    Почему не доработали скин на Дуара? Я купил его за 3к, а он сыроват) У маня он в меню не отображается(скрин не делал) + а игре щит старый. Меняйте)
  19. About freezes

    Hi, The screen freezes for a few seconds when i start the game every first time. I added a video. Video.mp4
  20. Morth's ability bug

    When you use Mass Stealth and then Shadow Attack / Judgementright before stealth, the stealth will not trigger (including allies) and Mass Stealth still go on cool down. This got me killed a couple of times.
  21. New rank dont work

    I was with 88k on arena bang bang and now i have 5k :'( on rank heroes i have 101 wins but on arena only 5k on bang bang 2k missel and 2k turtle city
  22. Проблемы по форуму

    Куда не ткнусь везде ограничен доступ, я забанен или что? Только заметил под авой строку "1 UnnyBug" Где про неё почитать? :3
  23. Guild chat NOT WORK!

    pls fix fast! im click to Guild in chat window andnothing appears
  24. Бесконечное строительств

    Уже пошёл 2 день магическая шахта никак не построиться. Прикаждом входе показывает 9 часов до конца. помогите закончить строительство. И дайте компенсацию за 2 дня простоя. спасибо.
  25. I didn't receive a rank up in West Europe server

    I am currently Platinum III and should have ranked up seeing as I have ended on the third place. However it is already the end of Monday and I haven't received a reward nor a rank up. The leaderboard also contains exactly the same people.