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  1. Very bugged match

    Hi, I just had a match where only one team (my team) loaded to the map. One of us even loaded outside the map. The other two died suddenly (and instantly) when moving around. Self-targeted spells where "too far away" to cast. All in all this was just very bugged, although it's the only time I've experienced it. Futhermore when after 5 minutes of this we left the match, we also got a 10 min penalty. I hope not too many ppl have problems like this, since I couldn't find any similar posts here. Merry X-mas!
  2. Army BUG

  3. Neri 3rd Skill Bug

    I don't know if it can be called a bug but Neri's 3rd skill wherein he turn invulnerable for 3 sec makes him unable to pass the flag in turtle season. And also, he cannot cast skill nor attack when he's in that state unlike the invulnerable state of Forga. Is that meant to be like that? I don't think it's like the crystallization of Isna where she literally freeze in the duration of the skill. Please clarify or fix.
  4. Prezados colegas, O troféu "Profissional", em meu perfil, perdeu a contagem das minhas kills e parece ter reiniciado sua contagem recentemente. Não percebi de imediato, mas vendo agora é claro para mim que esta contagem não está correta. Pode-se perceber pelo nível do troféu. Não me recordo do valor exato, mas acredito que estava em um valor entre 3500 e 3600. Atenciosamente, Maver
  5. i just jumped into a match and the bots stayed completely frozen didn't even move out of spawn on both sides... it was capture the flag... i was the only one moving on the map while the bots just stayed in their base... unfortunately i just played through and forgot to record the bug... if it happens again I'll post a screenshot
  6. Forga Bug

    After he casts some skill, he looks like he's crawling. Though I never experienced it when I used him. Only when he's my opponent or ally but not sure with ally.
  7. Lamia Bat Bug

    Lamia's bats doesn't chase the targets anymore when cast.
  8. error invasión

    hola amigos uw soy muy activo en invasión y en muchas partidas me paso que el poder básico del héroe no me salia solo los poderes especialesy en arena yoji al tirar el rayo de fuego puede correr rápido
  9. gaya bugged?

    she has no ready animation when searching in arena, not sure if it's a bug or that's how its suppose to be
  10. gate

    after the patch, i cant move my gate. what happen guys?
  11. Turtle Season

    Hi, What is this? lol I think, there are a few immortal and invisible enemies.
  12. environment

    environment suddenly vanish when after looking at house
  13. no floor

    floor is missing
  14. teleportation unstable

    well i want to inform you that teleportation is not stable as of now. why? well i made some testing so that i may know how far can the teleportation take you. Ialso want to know what happen when you teleported to one of those hills. i happen to teleport in between hills then the speedhack ban is unleash. i tried to teleport away but its useless. teleport cancel and i cant get out. by the way i dont use speedhack. please dont ban me..
  15. Fala galera, isso não é um bug, somente uma observação. A Badge nova que foi inserida par ao Battle Royale não monstra ainda como ser conquistada. Segue a imagem anexada. Outro ponto foi que ao entrar na fila para jogar o BR com um amigo, ao sair do grupo a contagem não parou, mesmo cancelando a inscrição. Achei bem estranho. =) Muito obrigado pela atenção
  16. Título da skin invisível

    É um bug de curto alcance na escala de importância, porém creio q seja vantajoso consertarem isso. segue abaixo o anexo:
  17. Uma missão com o objetivo de causar 10.000mil de dano, veio com um erro que começa a contagem em números negativos,sendo assim, tendo que causar mais danos do que o pedido.segue o anexo:
  18. Bug na missão

    Boa tarde, Minha missão apresenta o valor 310725/10000 porém o valor nunca diminui, estou fazendo essa missão a 2 dias. Por favor verifique esse problema. att. Megatizando
  19. well i happen to encounter planet that dont use those fancy wall or gate to block you from entering those forbidden area. instead he use environment to prevent you from entering. i think environment should be passable. you cant destroy those hidden behind environment. if i think about it, those planet that cover the rest building from town with hill can simply make small opening then block it with environment. it can be considered unblock but not passable
  20. not really a bug

    well i cant say this is a bug but a typo. showels and shovels
  21. gate bug

    i encounter a gate bug which you can put together same gate in one block.. heres the picture. notice that only gate exist and not any wall
  22. Revenge

    Hi, Do we have just 1 revenge per day? Unnyworld 2017-11-23 15-19-16-73.mp4
  23. Trampolines

    Hi, Trampolines doesn't work. Can anyone check it? Unnyworld 2017-11-24 14-07-07-79.mp4
  24. Stuck on starting point

    It happened to me 3 consecutive times using Lamia on different arenas and invade.