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  1. Chat

    Sometimes it shows a red circle like u have unread messages in chat, though it's not true.
  2. Map ping

    Can't ping on the map using Alt.
  3. Teleportation

    Hi, We can beam/TP into the mountain. Can we fix this please? or let's remove the TP. ^^ (I will take a video later)
  4. Error Grafico

    Yo juego UnnyWorld desde el celular y descubri que se podia jugar en la computadora, instalo el juego y como mala noticia sufro de este pequeño error, alquien que me ayude y me de una solucion
  5. Error visual

    Las imágenes hablan mas, el rayo de las torres me salen con este pequeño error de textura.
  6. Вторжение

    собственно проходил вторжение, вроде все ок и бац, ошибка))
  7. unlimited receive aqvium bug

    Here is a bug about aqvium It had been fix a bug about Magic mine is stucked and never complete. but the last stuck minecan unlimited harvest aqvium by play arena and one game can receive 15000*last stuck mine It's not only me can do that this is need to be fix.
  8. Email Verification

    A player by the name of Zurit has just contacted me in regards to a problem with receiving an email verification in order to register for the forums. Zuritis both this player's IGN and the name that theyused to register for the forum. This player is especially concerned due to the fact thatthey want to submit an entry for some kind of contest.(I don't know the specifics, I have not been keeping up with this kind of stuff.) They have informed me that today is the last day that you can submit an entry and therefor requests that this matter be addressed immediately or if possible, perhaps this player can receive a 1 day extension until this matter is resolved. I can providethis player's email address if necessary, you can also contact this player on Discord by the same username of Zurit.
  9. Даёт 15000 гемов в день. Наверное это ошибка
  10. Despues de la esta ultima actualizacion Los fps me bajaron una barbaridad no me suben de 8 y no creo que sea la Computadora por que yo jugue esta mañana tranquilo y me corrian ls fps a 35 todo normal.. alguna solucion para este detalle.? no quiero dejar de jugar UW por esto por favor..
  11. problemas en el juego

    hola amigos desde la nueva actualizacion el juego me esta andando lento y antes me corria perfectamente y se que no es por los requisitos del juego por que mi pc sobrepasa los requisitos espero una solucion muchas gracias
  12. Por que los Puntos bajan

    Hola que tal como les va..? Espero que muy bien.! Bueno hace 2 dias logre colocarme de Primero en el top de Yoji y eso fue por que jugue casi que todo el dia. me coloque de primero con 31250 y el segundo lugar tenia 30500 el tercero 29mil. ayer me conecto y me dice que estaba de segundo lugar pero cuando seleccionaba a Yoji para ver la diferencia no me dejaba verlos puntos. y ahora que me conecto me dice QUE TENGO 29393. " ¿ alguien seria tan amable de explicarle por que los puntos bajaron de 31250 a 29393..? ¿ Acaso cada vez que pierdo me afecta tanto que me quita puntos ? No entiendo el sistema Si de hace 2 dias para aca solamente he perdido 3 veces. PD: Y aun sigo teniendo ls FPS EN 11 COMO PODRAN OBSERVAR EN LA ESQUINA IZQUIERDA DE LA IMAGEN..!
  13. problemas en el juego

    hola amigos desde la nueva actualizacion el juego me esta andando lento y antes me corria perfectamente y se que no es por los requisitos del juego por que mi pc sobrepasa los requisitos espero una solucion muchas gracias
  14. Error o bug en la arena en grupo de 3

    No se si fue después de la actualización del Battle Royale. Pero al jugar en Arena en grupo de a 3: que después de darleiniciar, 1 de los 3 o no entra a la misma arena o se queda bug " sin aparecerse el tiempo o el tiempo sigue corriendo por mas de 1 Minuto " " pasando esto ya no puedes darle anular ni salir de la misma y toca cerrar el juego, mientras que los otros 2 si entran a la misma arena y con un Bots o el otro caso es que 1 de los 3 entra a una arena diferente pero con 2 Bots y al terminar la arena sale como si estuviera solo. Si logro conseguir un programa para grabar lo subiré Espero puedan Entenderme ;). ATT: Faxter
  15. Missing Bildings

    One of my Gates has gone missing. I tried to restruckture my planet and a gate woud not move as i wanted. finally it froze in an strange angel and i coudn´t move it again. Filally when i logged in today it dissapeared.
  16. error bots

    hay un problema en el mapa bang bang fiesta con los bots quedan atrapados en las rocas asta el final de la partida pasa muy seguido
  17. Lamia bug again

    Lamia's last skill with stun isn't working. It's ultra frustrating. You've weakened her and now this. What a nice christmas gift this is. She's ultra squishy since the last update. Might as well that you did not introduce her to the game at all.
  18. Some bugs

    Just throwing out some bugs i found recently(left some notes/marks on the screenshots,to explain whats going on).
  19. Fix the arena plz

    i cant see my enemy on map and in the game, also i cant damage anybody and i have draw at the end of any arena match... here is screenshots
  20. Very bugged match

    Hi, I just had a match where only one team (my team) loaded to the map. One of us even loaded outside the map. The other two died suddenly (and instantly) when moving around. Self-targeted spells where "too far away" to cast. All in all this was just very bugged, although it's the only time I've experienced it. Futhermore when after 5 minutes of this we left the match, we also got a 10 min penalty. I hope not too many ppl have problems like this, since I couldn't find any similar posts here. Merry X-mas!
  21. Army BUG

  22. Neri 3rd Skill Bug

    I don't know if it can be called a bug but Neri's 3rd skill wherein he turn invulnerable for 3 sec makes him unable to pass the flag in turtle season. And also, he cannot cast skill nor attack when he's in that state unlike the invulnerable state of Forga. Is that meant to be like that? I don't think it's like the crystallization of Isna where she literally freeze in the duration of the skill. Please clarify or fix.
  23. i just jumped into a match and the bots stayed completely frozen didn't even move out of spawn on both sides... it was capture the flag... i was the only one moving on the map while the bots just stayed in their base... unfortunately i just played through and forgot to record the bug... if it happens again I'll post a screenshot
  24. Forga Bug

    After he casts some skill, he looks like he's crawling. Though I never experienced it when I used him. Only when he's my opponent or ally but not sure with ally.
  25. Lamia Bat Bug

    Lamia's bats doesn't chase the targets anymore when cast.