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  1. error invasión

    hola amigos uw soy muy activo en invasión y en muchas partidas me paso que el poder básico del héroe no me salia solo los poderes especialesy en arena yoji al tirar el rayo de fuego puede correr rápido
  2. gaya bugged?

    she has no ready animation when searching in arena, not sure if it's a bug or that's how its suppose to be
  3. gate

    after the patch, i cant move my gate. what happen guys?
  4. Turtle Season

    Hi, What is this? lol I think, there are a few immortal and invisible enemies.
  5. environment

    environment suddenly vanish when after looking at house
  6. no floor

    floor is missing
  7. teleportation unstable

    well i want to inform you that teleportation is not stable as of now. why? well i made some testing so that i may know how far can the teleportation take you. Ialso want to know what happen when you teleported to one of those hills. i happen to teleport in between hills then the speedhack ban is unleash. i tried to teleport away but its useless. teleport cancel and i cant get out. by the way i dont use speedhack. please dont ban me..
  8. well i happen to encounter planet that dont use those fancy wall or gate to block you from entering those forbidden area. instead he use environment to prevent you from entering. i think environment should be passable. you cant destroy those hidden behind environment. if i think about it, those planet that cover the rest building from town with hill can simply make small opening then block it with environment. it can be considered unblock but not passable
  9. not really a bug

    well i cant say this is a bug but a typo. showels and shovels
  10. gate bug

    i encounter a gate bug which you can put together same gate in one block.. heres the picture. notice that only gate exist and not any wall
  11. Revenge

    Hi, Do we have just 1 revenge per day? Unnyworld 2017-11-23 15-19-16-73.mp4
  12. Trampolines

    Hi, Trampolines doesn't work. Can anyone check it? Unnyworld 2017-11-24 14-07-07-79.mp4
  13. Stuck on starting point

    It happened to me 3 consecutive times using Lamia on different arenas and invade.
  14. Forum Translation Bug

    I noticed this bug after replying to a thread in the Russian forum. It seems that if you translate the page that some of the text is being cut off.I am worried that this may cause problems for people from other regions who might want to read and participate in the English forums, especially considering that all of the Discussion forum threads are in English. This may prevent them from understanding the context of the discussions and discourage them from giving us their feedback. Before: After:
  15. bug not all 3 enter the arena

    is seeing a mistake not all players enter in the match sometimes one stays in the room while two goes in the arena meanwhile the individual who stayed out of the arena I think it stays in the room watching our characters who have already left
  16. Problems Loading

    The game seems to constantly get stuck in loading screens today, around every 1/4 planet invasions I get stuck on this screen and then have to exit out of the game and come back but every time I do that then I lose my chance to invade. If that wasn't bad enough, I am also constantly getting stuck on "connecting to server" when trying to reenter the game, sometimes I have to try reentering 4 or 5 times before I am finally able to get back in game again. I've lost at least 10 planet invasions today because of this issue.
  17. This is just a minor bug. The aqvium count is incorrecton the planet attack/defense list. However, I did receive the full 13,746 aqvium from the invasion, the count is just wrong North American server, iOS 11.1.2, ID:us-central 28367
  18. Играю с iPhone 5s. Игра частенько вылетает при игре за Дуара при использовании умения укрытие щитом. Так же вылетала, когда кто-то другой играл Дуаром
  19. gold bug bau

    I got the gold bau but at the time of opening the bau my internet fell and I did not win anything ID 4875
  20. The AI need be improve

    I feel our team's AI is more stupid than enemy team sometimes, they didn't occupy the stronghold . but enemy team always know to occupy this we need a more clever AI to realize players signal (like attack , back off, occupy) there is a bug about the AI sometimes turn around or silly standing but do nothing It's make me upset , cause the AI make the game lose and never communication
  21. Underground walk and Earth Worm removes all negative debuffs is not effective you can seemy debuffs is still working when I useunderground walk or earth worm
  22. conquest with error

    ID 4875 I can not get the reward
  23. Я сталкиваюсь и этим багом уже давно и самое простое решение - побегать по своей планете(ударить своих же персонажей), а уже после идти на арену) Но лучше, если разработчики решат эту проблему! Буду рад, если помог кому то)
  24. Редактор планет

    Что бы я не делал куда бы что не ставил При сохранении оно пишет therels no path и ничего не сохраняет вообще ничего даже камушек вполе любой