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  1. Update announcements

    I'm playing on my Android and its version 0.3.5. I'm trying to figure out how to clear the True Power story quest. Also hoping that would help one of my characters be strong enough to beat the ⭐ Planet 4 quest. Since you can't see the quest requirements until you achieve the previous ones, I completed the normal and hard levels of Planet 4 before seeing that quest. Now I have to beat the boss on normal with one hero to achieve the ⭐ Planet 4 quest. If it matters, I also never got the witch though the story quests seem to be written with her in mind. Love the game and appreciate your advice!
  2. Update announcements

    Hello! I posted a question on the in game chat asking about how to reveal a hero's true power. Here are screenshots of the story quest that prompted my question. Hope this helps!
  3. Update announcements

    Thank you for the 0.3.4update! Especially the x3 and allowing lower levels into the arena. One suggestion for arena play - have the game automatically end an arena match as a "draw" if the match goes on for a certain amount of time with neither player gaining an advantage. When energy costs or rewards are introduced to the arena, have draws not cost or reward either player. Just an idea! 💡 😊
  4. Claim your Contributor award

    Enjoying the game so far - just downloaded it over the weekend. Feels like it will take forever to level up enough to participate in the arena -, which stinks because arena play is one of the tasks for the current Explorer Yoji quest. I'll just keep working toward increasing my level. 🙂