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  1. Report hackers

    The previous screenshots that were broken wereof this same player summoning several more 4 & 5 ☆.
  2. Energy Regeneration

    I replied to profile # in a previous comment in this thread & it was level 7 & no I do not change my time on any of my devices. It is automatically set to change with daylight savings time so I do not have to do anything with time. Since the update I have not had an issue yet. However, I will keep an eye on It.
  3. 2x exp boost

    You & I discussed this on discord I thought when I informed you ofthe promocode for testers. I spent gems to buy a boost & it didn't stack, it just extended the length of time from 24h to 48h
  4. Report hackers

    Here's another from that night
  5. Report hackers

    So the only thing I can think of at this point with someone summoning so many 4☆ hero's in a row is the constant option tocontinually pay $30 or $50 usd for the purple scroll pack that's offered which is a lot of money or they have hacked the system to get these packs or "naturally" summon these heroes 4☆ & 5☆ heroes. Here are some screenshots from the other night I took.
  6. Como alterar o nick (ANDROID)

    In game, you should be able to click on name given to you to change it to something you want it to be. In chat in game, click on your name at bottom left of screen. Then you need to click on it again when your profile pulls up & it should let you change it. On profile, you can also click on profile image & select from preset images to change your basge.
  7. Jogo travando (ANDROID)

    Is it summoning a hero or is the reward you are receiving for winning a hero?
  8. Energy Regeneration

    It happened again this morning when I woke. However, i didn't pay close attention to how I exited game this time. I'll start jotting it down to keep record for this tablet.
  9. Instructions

    @MargaritaThe story mode gets difficult to complete & most new players including myself on my Samsung Tab A will get stuck on ☆ Planet 4 story quest mainly because they powered thru the planets & that planet is difficult to beat the boss with 1 hero when they don't have any higher level heroes to work with. If the player had the option to restart the normal wave of fights again before reaching the boss then they won't get stuck for so long there as they do now. Example:On my Samsung S2 tablet, I purposely farmed the previous planets until got a hero strong enough to defeat a fight (not boss) on planet 3 by itself before I even touched the story quest for it. Now I am doing the same for the next quest to win fight on planet 4 with 1 hero. (Purposely not even playing that planet because I know a normal fight with 1 hero has a better chance of winning than fighting the boss with 1 hero on that particular planet from what I've read other talk about in chat & forums) So, yes the story mode is a guide on how to play & gives you tips to get further along in game, however some of those tips need to be shared before the player actually reaches a story quest such as winning a level on planet 4 with 1 hero. I see quite a few players giving up on game play because certain tips to help guide them are locked in a story mode that will take a lot of time to complete without proper explanation beforehand. This is just my opinion & what I believe some players are trying to say... they don't understand parts of the game & would like better explanations of runes, etc outside of story mode quests. Until next time... Stay on Budget & Keep on Gaming
  10. Energy Regeneration

    The tablet that I had the energy regeneration problem is on profile lvl7. Actually both of my tablets are on profile lvl7. I purposely have not gone any higher up in profile lvl because of the story quest requiring to defeat a lvl on planet 4 with 1 hero. Normal fight for this quest will be easier than boss fight & boss on planet 4 is tough with the healer help & not having higher lvl heroes. But to get back on subject... Profile lvl is on 7 No I did not collapsegame or terminate it. After I finished using my energy I simply turned off the screen to conserve battery power but never force closed game or never powered off my device completely.
  11. Game optimization

    I currently play on both my tablets. Now, both are not that awfully old & still have good operating systems & memory on them to play games etc. The 1st tablet that I prefer most to pkay on is my Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2017) model SM-T380 & my 2nd tablet is a Samsung Galaxy S2 model SM-T713. These 2 tablets, I feel should be optimized for the game because they are not to overly old systems (not just because I play on them). There are going to be a lot of potential players out there who may download the game on a slightly older device who do not jump every year to buy the latest tech out there. These players should be able to look forward to new games that work well & are optimized on their device as well. In the following image you will see my 3 devices I play games on & the Google Play store page of the game. I've written on each screenshot to help point out which device I took it on. As you can see, the only device it looks like it is optimized on is my phone (Samsung S9) which is a newer device & I have not downloaded it on. My suggestion is to broaden the devices that are optimized to play on for release of game. Just one lonely little budget girls opinion. Until next time... Stay on Budget & Keep on Gaming!
  12. Energy Regeneration

    This has happened to me twice in the last week. I will use all my energy before heading to bed & turn off my tablet & after I wake then turn back on my tablet my energy had not regenerated to full even though it had been over 8 hrs. This morning when I turned my tablet on it said I only had 31 energy to use which is impossible unless somehow I am playing in my sleep which I do not do. I am prone to falling asleep with game on while playing but when I wake tablet is either dead because battery ran down or on the floor from my tossing & turning. The tablet I noticed it on was my Samsung Galaxy S2 model SM-T713. I havenot noticed it my Samsung GalaxyTab A (2017) model SM-T380 yet. Until next time... Stay on Budget & Keep on Gaming!
  13. Update announcements

    I have not yet tried the arena so I'll have to check that out still & I love the 3x speed when farming for xp & runes, definitely helps me get back to my daily life routine quicker. However, 2 queations: 1) Rebalanced heroes - as in changed stats, ability change, or what? 2) I farm Yajirium on harda lot with full 5 hero slots filled & before update experience gained for each hero was something like 991& now the experience it's showing is 661. That doesn't seem like an increase to me. So am I missing something here,
  14. Update announcements

    I do not use data on my 2 tablets. I guess I should have rephrased that part differently, sorry. I only use Wi-Fi, so when I am outside a Wi-Fi area &play thenre-enter Wi-Fi area to be back online that is when I have to force close game (since there is not an option yet to "quit" playing at the moment like most games have) to reopen just to see chat. Also, since I share data on my phone (which I do not play on yet ~Samsung s9) with my friends plan, I do not like tethering my tablets in order to play online unless I'm not going to be backin Wi-Fi area for a long time. Now, if I was playing on my phone, I still would turn off data to save it unless I needed it becausemy friends were generous to add me to their plan so I can have a reliable phone in case my vehicle breaks down or something major happens since my other phone doesn't always work. Hope that answered your question.
  15. Scroll Summon: quantity bug

    Have you tried summoning 1 scroll to see if your quantity changed to reflect a new total. That's what I did when it was reading 18 & after summoning just 1 it showed 23. They responded saying it was a visual error so hopefully it will be fixed in an upcoming update.